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Poster of Encore


Release Date: Monday, June 11 1951 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Glynis JohnsGlynis Johns
Stella Cotman
Glynis Johns was:
Portrait of Nigel PatrickNigel Patrick
Tom Ramsay
Nigel Patrick was:
Portrait of Roland CulverRoland Culver
George Ramsay
Roland Culver was:
Portrait of Alison LeggattAlison Leggatt
Freda Ramsay
Alison Leggatt was:
Portrait of Charles VictorCharles Victor
Mr. Bateman
Charles Victor was:
Portrait of Peter GravesPeter Graves
Philip Cronshaw
Peter Graves was:
Portrait of Margaret WithersMargaret Withers
Mrs. Bateman
Margaret Withers was:
Portrait of Margaret VynerMargaret Vyner
Gertrude Wilmot
Margaret Vyner was:
Portrait of John LaurieJohn Laurie
Andrews, Engineer
John Laurie was:
Portrait of Noel PurcellNoel Purcell
Tom, Captain
Noel Purcell was:
Portrait of Ronald SquireRonald Squire
Ronald Squire was:
Portrait of W. Somerset MaughamW. Somerset Maugham
Self and Narrator
W. Somerset Maugham was:
Portrait of Dorothy BramhallDorothy Bramhall
Dorothy Bramhall was:
Portrait of Patricia RainePatricia Raine
Office Girl
Patricia Raine was:
Portrait of Campbell CottsCampbell Cotts
Club Member
Campbell Cotts was:
Portrait of Michael TrubshaweMichael Trubshawe
Ascot Man
Michael Trubshawe was:
Portrait of Kay WalshKay Walsh
Miss Molly Reid
Kay Walsh was:
Portrait of Jacques FrançoisJacques François
Pierre, French Steward
Jacques François was:
Portrait of John HorsleyJohn Horsley
Joe, Mate
John Horsley was:
Portrait of Joan HarbenJoan Harben
Miss Nora Price
Joan Harben was:
Portrait of Brenda HoganBrenda Hogan
Young Wife
Brenda Hogan was:
Portrait of Vincent BallVincent Ball
Young Husband
Vincent Ball was:
Portrait of Carol WolveridgeCarol Wolveridge
Little Girl
Carol Wolveridge was:
Portrait of John WarrenJohn Warren
Ship's Officer
John Warren was:
Portrait of Terence MorganTerence Morgan
Syd Cotman
Terence Morgan was:
Portrait of David HutchesonDavid Hutcheson
Sandy Wescott
David Hutcheson was:
Portrait of Charles GoldnerCharles Goldner
Paco Espinal
Charles Goldner was:
Portrait of Mary MerrallMary Merrall
Flora Penezzi
Mary Merrall was:
Portrait of Martin MillerMartin Miller
Carlo Penezzi
Martin Miller was:
Portrait of Heather ThatcherHeather Thatcher
Eva Barrett
Heather Thatcher was:
Portrait of Guido LorraineGuido Lorraine
Russian Prince
Guido Lorraine was:
Portrait of Daphne BarkerDaphne Barker
Italian Countess
Daphne Barker was:
Portrait of Ferdy MayneFerdy Mayne
Head Waiter
Ferdy Mayne was:
Portrait of Guy De MonceauGuy De Monceau
Guy De Monceau was:
Portrait of Irène HildaIrène Hilda
Irène Hilda was:
Portrait of Muriel GeorgeMuriel George
Mrs. Robinson
Muriel George was:
Portrait of Reg ThomasonReg Thomason
Casino Patron (uncredited)
Reg Thomason was:
Portrait of Robert Brooks TurnerRobert Brooks Turner
Seaman Leaving Ship as Passengers Board (uncredited)
Robert Brooks Turner was:
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