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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast

Release Date: Friday, June 24 2022 (this past year)
Portrait of Karl UrbanKarl Urban
Jacob Holland (voice)
Karl Urban was:
Portrait of Zaris-Angel HatorZaris-Angel Hator
Maisie Brumble (voice)
Zaris-Angel Hator was:
Portrait of Jared HarrisJared Harris
Captain Crow (voice)
Jared Harris was:
Portrait of Marianne Jean-BaptisteMarianne Jean-Baptiste
Sarah Sharpe (voice)
Marianne Jean-Baptiste was:
Portrait of Benjamin PlessalaBenjamin Plessala
Child 1 (voice)
Benjamin Plessala was:
Portrait of Somali RoseSomali Rose
Child 2 (voice)
Somali Rose was:
Portrait of Kaya McLeanKaya McLean
Child 3 (voice)
Kaya McLean was:
Portrait of Davis PakDavis Pak
Child 4 / Village Boy (voice)
Davis Pak was:
Portrait of Helen SadlerHelen Sadler
Ms. Merino / Matron / Cart Driver (voice)
Helen Sadler was:
Portrait of Xana TangXana Tang
Lea the Lookout (voice)
Xana Tang was:
Portrait of Alex WyndhamAlex Wyndham
Sailor #1 /Sailor #2 / Villager (voice)
Alex Wyndham was:
Portrait of Brian T. DelaneyBrian T. Delaney
Jim Nicklebones (voice)
Brian T. Delaney was:
Portrait of Ian MercerIan Mercer
Old Nick (voice)
Ian Mercer was:
Portrait of Shannon Chan-KentShannon Chan-Kent
Fen (voice)
Shannon Chan-Kent was:
Portrait of Max MittelmanMax Mittelman
Young Sailor (voice)
Max Mittelman was:
Portrait of Paul ChowdhryPaul Chowdhry
Surgeon (voice)
Paul Chowdhry was:
Portrait of Jim CarterJim Carter
King (voice)
Jim Carter was:
Portrait of Doon MackichanDoon Mackichan
Queen (voice)
Doon Mackichan was:
Portrait of Dan StevensDan Stevens
Admiral Hornagold (voice)
Dan Stevens was:
Portrait of Rajia BaroudiRajia Baroudi
General (voice)
Rajia Baroudi was:
Portrait of Kathy BurkeKathy Burke
Gwen Batterbee (voice)
Kathy Burke was:
Portrait of Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
Villager 1 / Villager 2 (voice)
Emily O'Brien was:
Portrait of David S. LeeDavid S. Lee
Sergeant (voice)
David S. Lee was:
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