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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Gladiatress


Release Date: Thursday, August 19 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Doon MackichanDoon Mackichan
Doon Mackichan was:
Portrait of Fiona AllenFiona Allen
Smirgut the Fierce
Fiona Allen was:
Portrait of Sally PhillipsSally Phillips
Sally Phillips was:
Portrait of David HaymanDavid Hayman
General Rhinus
David Hayman was:
Portrait of Ronan VibertRonan Vibert
Ronan Vibert was:
Portrait of Pam FerrisPam Ferris
Mrs Goatsplitter
Pam Ferris was:
Portrait of Rory MacGregorRory MacGregor
Dubonet Warrior
Rory MacGregor was:
Portrait of Philippe De GrossouvrePhilippe De Grossouvre
Jean Marcosivellauniviromandiboule
Philippe De Grossouvre was:
Portrait of Marcia WarrenMarcia Warren
Queen Tuathfhlaifthfth
Marcia Warren was:
Portrait of Adam FogertyAdam Fogerty
Adam Fogerty was:
Portrait of Nicholas Le PrevostNicholas Le Prevost
Nicholas Le Prevost was:
Portrait of Dermot KeaneyDermot Keaney
French Speaker
Dermot Keaney was:
Portrait of Mark BentonMark Benton
Hermes, Stage Manager
Mark Benton was:
Portrait of Tristan GemmillTristan Gemmill
Tristan Gemmill was:
Portrait of Nicola StephensonNicola Stephenson
Dubonni Woman
Nicola Stephenson was:
Portrait of Sandra ReintonSandra Reinton
Sandra Reinton was:
Portrait of William ChubbWilliam Chubb
William Chubb was:
Portrait of Brendan O'HeaBrendan O'Hea
Welsh Suitor
Brendan O'Hea was:
Portrait of Dorian MacDonaldDorian MacDonald
Geordie Suitor
Dorian MacDonald was:
Portrait of Bruno LastraBruno Lastra
Bruno Lastra was:
Portrait of Anna Wilson-JonesAnna Wilson-Jones
Anna Wilson-Jones was:
Portrait of George AntoniGeorge Antoni
George Antoni was:
Portrait of Joe FraserJoe Fraser
Joe Fraser was:
Portrait of Cliff ParisiCliff Parisi
Cockney Smuggler
Cliff Parisi was:
Portrait of Julian RivettJulian Rivett
Cockney Lookout
Julian Rivett was:
Portrait of Lloyd HutchinsonLloyd Hutchinson
Pictish Man
Lloyd Hutchinson was:
Portrait of Nick CavaliereNick Cavaliere
Roman Officer
Nick Cavaliere was:
Portrait of Hugh SachsHugh Sachs
Hugh Sachs was:
Portrait of Joe MontanaJoe Montana
Joe Montana was:
Portrait of Oliver Ford DaviesOliver Ford Davies
Oliver Ford Davies was:
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