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Poster of Jade


Release Date: Friday, October 13 1995 (26 years ago)
Portrait of David CarusoDavid Caruso
David Corelli
David Caruso was:
Portrait of Linda FiorentinoLinda Fiorentino
Trina Gavin
Linda Fiorentino was:
Portrait of Chazz PalminteriChazz Palminteri
Matt Gavin
Chazz Palminteri was:
Portrait of Michael BiehnMichael Biehn
Bob Hargrove
Michael Biehn was:
Portrait of Richard CrennaRichard Crenna
Governor Edwards
Richard Crenna was:
Portrait of Donna MurphyDonna Murphy
Karen Heller
Donna Murphy was:
Portrait of Kevin TigheKevin Tighe
D.A. Arnold Clifford
Kevin Tighe was:
Portrait of Holt McCallanyHolt McCallany
Bill Barrett
Holt McCallany was:
Portrait of Ken KingKen King
Petey Vasko
Ken King was:
Portrait of Angie EverhartAngie Everhart
Patrice Jacinto
Angie Everhart was:
Portrait of David HuntDavid Hunt
Pat Callendar
David Hunt was:
Portrait of Robin ThomasRobin Thomas
Mr. Green
Robin Thomas was:
Portrait of Jay JacobusJay Jacobus
Justin Henderson
Jay Jacobus was:
Portrait of Victoria SmithVictoria Smith
Victoria Smith was:
Portrait of Drew SnyderDrew Snyder
Drew Snyder was:
Portrait of Bud BostwickBud Bostwick
Justin Henderson's Brother
Bud Bostwick was:
Portrait of Darryl ChanDarryl Chan
Tommy Loy
Darryl Chan was:
Portrait of Graham CowleyGraham Cowley
Deputy Coroner
Graham Cowley was:
Portrait of Nellie CravensNellie Cravens
Governor's Secretary
Nellie Cravens was:
Portrait of Ron UlstadRon Ulstad
Kyle Medford
Ron Ulstad was:
Portrait of Allen GebhardtAllen Gebhardt
Forensic Man
Allen Gebhardt was:
Portrait of Garrett GriffinGarrett Griffin
Police Officer
Garrett Griffin was:
Portrait of Julian HillJulian Hill
Julian Hill was:
Portrait of Buddy Joe HookerBuddy Joe Hooker
Assistant District Attorney
Buddy Joe Hooker was:
Portrait of Bobby BassBobby Bass
Assistant District Attorney
Bobby Bass was:
Portrait of Sandy BerumenSandy Berumen
Assistant District Attorney
Sandy Berumen was:
Portrait of Dick ZikerDick Ziker
Assistant District Attorney
Dick Ziker was:
Portrait of Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson was:
Portrait of Paul SchlotfeldtPaul Schlotfeldt
Paul Schlotfeldt was:
Portrait of Rene Charles LaPrevotteRene Charles LaPrevotte
Rene Charles LaPrevotte was:
Portrait of John Anthony LoftusJohn Anthony Loftus
John Anthony Loftus was:
Portrait of Tom WalshTom Walsh
Tom Walsh was:
Portrait of Howard WeathersbyHoward Weathersby
Howard Weathersby was:
Portrait of Kevin WhitfieldKevin Whitfield
Kevin Whitfield was:
Portrait of John WymanJohn Wyman
John Wyman was:
Portrait of Mini MehraMini Mehra
Mini Mehra was:
Portrait of Nicholas TarvidNicholas Tarvid
Nicholas Tarvid was:
Portrait of Harold MorrisonHarold Morrison
Harold Morrison was:
Portrait of William PileticWilliam Piletic
William Piletic was:
Portrait of Olimpia SaraviaOlimpia Saravia
Olimpia Saravia was:
Portrait of Tina J. SpanglerTina J. Spangler
Tina J. Spangler was:
Portrait of Isaac SpiveyIsaac Spivey
Homeless Man
Isaac Spivey was:
Portrait of Kenneth TigarKenneth Tigar
Corporate Man
Kenneth Tigar was:
Portrait of Bill ToliverBill Toliver
Medical Examiner
Bill Toliver was:
Portrait of James Edward VeurinkJames Edward Veurink
James Edward Veurink was:
Portrait of Victor WongVictor Wong
Mr. Wong
Victor Wong was:
Portrait of Ron YuanRon Yuan
Ron Yuan was:
Portrait of Peter DuchinPeter Duchin
Black & White Ball Orchestra Leader
Peter Duchin was:
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