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Γάμος Στο Περιθώριο

Γάμος Στο Περιθώριο

Release Date: 1989-10-01 (31 years ago)
Aleka Paizi
Foteini Gaziadou
Aleka Paizi was:
Stavros Xenidis
Ilias Stefanidis
Stavros Xenidis was:
Dinos Avgoustidis
Dinos Avgoustidis was:
Vangelis Kazan
Vangelis Kazan was:
Olga Tournaki
Olga Tournaki was:
Giota Festa
Giota Festa was:
Nikos Garofallou
Nikos Garofallou was:
Eleni Mavromati
Eleni Mavromati was:
Tasos Palatzidis
Tasos Palatzidis was:
Agapios Agapiou
Aristeidis (Neos)
Agapios Agapiou was:
Elena Akrita
Elena Akrita was:
Alekos Alexandris
Alekos Alexandris was:
Tasos Apostolidis
Tasos Apostolidis was:
Yiolanta Balaoura
Yiolanta Balaoura was:
Zano Danias
Zano Danias was:
Vangelis Dimitriou
Vangelis Dimitriou was:
Giorgos Dinalis
Giorgos Dinalis was:
Filippos Farmakis
Filippos Farmakis was:
Giannis Gakidis
Giannis Gakidis was:
Hristos Giannakidis
Hristos Giannakidis was:
Alexandros Iakovou
Alexandros Iakovou was:
Nikos Kakalios
Nikos Kakalios was:
Giorgos Kalliantzis
Giorgos Kalliantzis was:
Loula Kanarelli
Theia Haritomeni
Loula Kanarelli was:
Roula Kanarelli
Roula Kanarelli was:
Pantelis Kaspokoglou
Pantelis Kaspokoglou was:
Zafiris Katramadas
Zafiris Katramadas was:
Dimitris Katsimanis
Dimitris Katsimanis was:
Theodoros Kekes
Theodoros Kekes was:
Christos Kelantonis
Christos Kelantonis was:
Vasilis Kesisoglou
Skinothetis DHPETHE
Vasilis Kesisoglou was:
Mari Konstadatou
Mari Konstadatou was:
Alexis Konstadis
Alexis Konstadis was:
Jenny Koularmani
Jenny Koularmani was:
Marianna Koutalou
Marianna Koutalou was:
Theofilos Lalos
Theofilos Lalos was:
Leonidas Loizidis
Leonidas Loizidis was:
Rena Maniataki
Theia Evanthia
Rena Maniataki was:
Stefanos Manoukidis
Stefanos Manoukidis was:
Anna Manousaridou
Anna Manousaridou was:
Thekla Manteli
Thekla Manteli was:
Kostas Mazanas
Kostas Mazanas was:
Elpida Mazaraki
Elpida Mazaraki was:
Martha Moutsaki
Martha Moutsaki was:
Rania Nikolaidou
Rania Nikolaidou was:
Kitsa Palaistou
Kitsa Palaistou was:
Lilian Palantza
Lilian Palantza was:
Sakis Petkidis
Sakis Petkidis was:
Dimitris Poulikakos
Odigos Leoforiou
Dimitris Poulikakos was:
Vaso Sakellari
Vaso Sakellari was:
Sasa Savvaki
Sasa Savvaki was:
Vaso Tegou
Vaso Tegou was:
Vasilis Vasilopoulos
Vasilis Vasilopoulos was:
Ilias Vigliaris
Ilias Vigliaris was:
Aimilios Vlahpeis
Aimilios Vlahpeis was:
Yana Vlami
Ypallilos tou Stathi
Yana Vlami was:
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