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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Osiris Child

The Osiris Child

Release Date: 2016-02-17 (4 years ago)
Kellan Lutz
Sy Lombrok
Kellan Lutz was:
Daniel MacPherson
Kane Sommerville
Daniel MacPherson was:
Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas was:
Luke Ford
Luke Ford was:
Rachel Griffiths
General Lynex
Rachel Griffiths was:
Temuera Morrison
Warden Mourdain
Temuera Morrison was:
Bren Foster
Charles Kreat
Bren Foster was:
Luke Hemsworth
Luke Hemsworth was:
Zoe Carides
Zoe Carides was:
Zoe Ventoura
Sgt. Cognit
Zoe Ventoura was:
Louise Dodge
Rescue Officer Fitzgerald
Louise Dodge was:
Dwaine Stevenson
The Ragged
Dwaine Stevenson was:
Teagan Croft
Indi Sommerville
Teagan Croft was:
Grace Huang
Grace Huang was:
Firass Dirani
Firass Dirani was:
Harry Pavlidis
Hopper Joe
Harry Pavlidis was:
Paul Winchester
Paul Winchester was:
Brendan Clearkin
Bostok Kramer
Brendan Clearkin was:
Vincent Andriano
Vim Martin
Vincent Andriano was:
Andy Rodoreda
Colonel Michaels
Andy Rodoreda was:
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts was:
Stephen Leeder
Stephen Leeder was:
Dean Kyrwood
Rescue Officer Muzz Whittemore
Dean Kyrwood was:
Bianca Bradey
Shae Holliday
Bianca Bradey was:
Aileen Beale
Lt. Crestal
Aileen Beale was:
Caleb Alloway
Secretary Millan
Caleb Alloway was:
Kristy Best
Kristy Best was:
Louisa Mignone
April Sommerville
Louisa Mignone was:
Chris Broadbent
Intern Doctor
Chris Broadbent was:
Scott Broadfoot
Military Guard
Scott Broadfoot was:
Kevin Copeland
Attacus Reece
Kevin Copeland was:
Michael Gelonesi
Intern nurse
Michael Gelonesi was:
Lauren Grimson
Warden's Assistant
Lauren Grimson was:
Nick Hunter
Court Guard
Nick Hunter was:
Denning Isles
Inmate / Ragged
Denning Isles was:
Marcus Johnson
Captain Lemar
Marcus Johnson was:
Hiroshi Kasuga
A Prisoner
Hiroshi Kasuga was:
Kathy Luu
Nurse Tammy
Kathy Luu was:
Grant Lyndon
Dr. Curuthers
Grant Lyndon was:
Richard Maait
Richard Maait was:
Peter Maple
Prisoner X
Peter Maple was:
Felicity McKay
Felicity McKay was:
Joshua Morton
Joshua Morton was:
Sean James Murphy
Clay Blaxton
Sean James Murphy was:
Aaron Scully
Aaron Scully was:
Jean-Pierre Yerma
Jean-Pierre Yerma was:
Ford Sarhan
Lynex's Assistant
Ford Sarhan was:
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