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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Mysterious Skin

Mysterious Skin

Release Date: Wednesday, March 30 2005 (17 years ago)
Portrait of Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was:
Portrait of Brady CorbetBrady Corbet
Brady Corbet was:
Portrait of Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg was:
Portrait of Jeffrey LiconJeffrey Licon
Jeffrey Licon was:
Portrait of Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
Mary Lynn Rajskub was:
Portrait of Elisabeth ShueElisabeth Shue
Mrs. McCormick
Elisabeth Shue was:
Portrait of Chase EllisonChase Ellison
Neil (Age 8)
Chase Ellison was:
Portrait of George WebsterGeorge Webster
Brian (Age 8)
George Webster was:
Portrait of Rachael Nastassja KraftRachael Nastassja Kraft
Deborah (Age 12)
Rachael Nastassja Kraft was:
Portrait of Lisa LongLisa Long
Mrs. Lackey
Lisa Long was:
Portrait of Chris MulkeyChris Mulkey
Mr. Lackey
Chris Mulkey was:
Portrait of David Lee SmithDavid Lee Smith
David Lee Smith was:
Portrait of Bill SageBill Sage
Bill Sage was:
Portrait of Riley McGuireRiley McGuire
Wendy (Age 11)
Riley McGuire was:
Portrait of Ryan StenzelRyan Stenzel
Stephen Zepherelli
Ryan Stenzel was:
Portrait of Richard RiehleRichard Riehle
Richard Riehle was:
Portrait of Larry MarkoLarry Marko
Old Man with Scar
Larry Marko was:
Portrait of CloverClover
Clover was:
Portrait of Bruno AlexanderBruno Alexander
Redneck Hick
Bruno Alexander was:
Portrait of Forrest FountainForrest Fountain
Forrest Fountain was:
Portrait of Zane HuettZane Huett
Jackson's Son
Zane Huett was:
Portrait of Reedy GibbsReedy Gibbs
Reedy Gibbs was:
Portrait of David Alan GrafDavid Alan Graf
Gay Lumberjack
David Alan Graf was:
Portrait of John GanunJohn Ganun
NYC John
John Ganun was:
Portrait of Billy DragoBilly Drago
Billy Drago was:
Portrait of Kelly KrugerKelly Kruger
Kelly Kruger was:
Portrait of Pete KasperPete Kasper
Sedan Driver
Pete Kasper was:
Portrait of Joan BlairJoan Blair
Customer in Yogurt Shop (uncredited)
Joan Blair was:
Portrait of Trieste Kelly DunnTrieste Kelly Dunn
Date in "Blood Prom" (uncredited)
Trieste Kelly Dunn was:
Portrait of Gwenne HudsonGwenne Hudson
Baseball Mom (uncredited)
Gwenne Hudson was:
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