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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2008-03-02 (13 years ago)
Waylon Payne
Hank Garland
Waylon Payne was:
Ali Larter
Evelyn Garland
Ali Larter was:
Lane Garrison
Billy Garland
Lane Garrison was:
Scott Michael Campbell
Billy Byrd
Scott Michael Campbell was:
David Conrad
Ryan Bradford
David Conrad was:
John Fleck
Lloyd "Cowboy" Copas
John Fleck was:
Timothy Omundson
Paul Howard
Timothy Omundson was:
Brent Briscoe
Brent Briscoe was:
Beau Baxter
Producer Jerry
Beau Baxter was:
Raymond O'Connor
Raymond O'Connor was:
Eden Rountree
Eden Rountree was:
Silas Weir Mitchell
Silas Weir Mitchell was:
Katharine McPhee
Paramount Girl
Katharine McPhee was:
David Agranov
Elvis Musician
David Agranov was:
Mikey Hawley
Young Hank
Mikey Hawley was:
Steve Vai
Hank Williams
Steve Vai was:
Maya McLaughlin
Paul's 'Wife'
Maya McLaughlin was:
Abdul Salaam El Razzac
Green Light Bartender
Abdul Salaam El Razzac was:
David Pease
Chicago Hotel Manager
David Pease was:
Nicole Steinwedell
Girl From Byrd's Room
Nicole Steinwedell was:
Amanda Tepe
Gail Garland
Amanda Tepe was:
Stacy Earl
Goldie Hill
Stacy Earl was:
Gerald Emerick
Red Foley
Gerald Emerick was:
Mandy Barnett
Patsy Cline
Mandy Barnett was:
Tony MacAlpine
Wes Montgomery
Tony MacAlpine was:
Jason Alan Smith
Jason Alan Smith was:
Brian Jones
Roy Orbison
Brian Jones was:
Shawn Colvin
Kitty Wells
Shawn Colvin was:
Ryan Wright
Eddy Arnold
Ryan Wright was:
Ryan Cross
Joe Benjamin
Ryan Cross was:
Brad Hawkins
Bobby Helms
Brad Hawkins was:
Scott Workman
Man in Cab
Scott Workman was:
Nick Collins
Chicago Hotel Clerk
Nick Collins was:
Chris Cordone
Well Dressed Man
Chris Cordone was:
Will Greenberg
Disc Jockey
Will Greenberg was:
Allison Bibicoff
Allison Bibicoff was:
Jeff Urquhart
Columbia Engineer
Jeff Urquhart was:
Dwier Brown
Businessman at Bar
Dwier Brown was:
Alan Cohen
Ryman Thug
Alan Cohen was:
Larry Rippenkroeger
Thug #1
Larry Rippenkroeger was:
Chris Palermo
Thug #2
Chris Palermo was:
Lauren Scherr
Brentwood Bartender
Lauren Scherr was:
Janet Scherr
Maitre 'd
Janet Scherr was:
Jason Scherr
Joe Morello
Jason Scherr was:
John Timothy Burton
Paul Desmond
John Timothy Burton was:
Evans Forde
Chet Atkins
Evans Forde was:
Liza Crisci
Red Skirt Fan
Liza Crisci was:
Kayleen Ancheta
Elvis Girlfriend
Kayleen Ancheta was:
Josh Bergen
Ernest Tubb
Josh Bergen was:
David Boller
Autry Inman, Cowboy Copas' bass player
David Boller was:
Brian Buckley
Windsor Hotel Clerk
Brian Buckley was:
Michael Calder
Michael Calder was:
Christopher Curry
Dr. Taylor
Christopher Curry was:
Elisa Dyann
Paramount Girl
Elisa Dyann was:
Sandra Echeverría
Sultry Brunette
Sandra Echeverría was:
Chris Ellis
Glen the Carousel Manager
Chris Ellis was:
Jake Galasso
Orderly #1
Jake Galasso was:
Summer LeAnn
Teen Girl 1
Summer LeAnn was:
Aimee Moraca
Paramount Girl
Aimee Moraca was:
Michael O'Neill
Ralph Christianson
Michael O'Neill was:
Jason Poss
Gary Burton
Jason Poss was:
Ed Refuerzo
Hawaiian Delivery Guy
Ed Refuerzo was:
Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
Cocktail Waitress
Lucy Rendler-Kaplan was:
James Ryan
Ryman Thug
James Ryan was:
Laura Ann Tull
Laura Ann Tull was:
Jeff Kunkle
Conway Twitty
Jeff Kunkle was:
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