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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again

Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again

Release Date: Sunday, January 1 1994 (27 years ago)
Portrait of Gerald McRaneyGerald McRaney
Rick Simon
Gerald McRaney was:
Portrait of Jameson ParkerJameson Parker
A.J. Simon
Jameson Parker was:
Portrait of Mary CarverMary Carver
Cecilia Simon
Mary Carver was:
Portrait of Jeannie WilsonJeannie Wilson
Janet Fowler
Jeannie Wilson was:
Portrait of Marshall R. TeagueMarshall R. Teague
Bruce Marcom
Marshall R. Teague was:
Portrait of Michael MacRaeMichael MacRae
Seattle Lieutenant
Michael MacRae was:
Portrait of Darleen CarrDarleen Carr
Paige Dunning
Darleen Carr was:
Portrait of Tim ReidTim Reid
Downtown Brown
Tim Reid was:
Portrait of Colby ChesterColby Chester
Angus Glenneyre
Colby Chester was:
Portrait of Richard SandersRichard Sanders
Dr. Budwig
Richard Sanders was:
Portrait of Anne LockhartAnne Lockhart
Megan Glenneyre
Anne Lockhart was:
Portrait of Patrick RyalsPatrick Ryals
Patrick Ryals was:
Portrait of Tony SoperTony Soper
Tony Soper was:
Portrait of Buddy McRaneyBuddy McRaney
Judge Temple
Buddy McRaney was:
Portrait of Delta BurkeDelta Burke
Mrs. Heiser
Delta Burke was:
Portrait of Jim HartmanJim Hartman
Detective Hurley
Jim Hartman was:
Portrait of Stephen RutledgeStephen Rutledge
Stephen Rutledge was:
Portrait of Pamela Abas-RossPamela Abas-Ross
Scottish Woman
Pamela Abas-Ross was:
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