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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Monkeys, Go Home!

Monkeys, Go Home!

Release Date: Wednesday, February 8 1967 (55 years ago)
Portrait of Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier
Father Sylvain
Maurice Chevalier was:
Portrait of Dean JonesDean Jones
Hank Dussard
Dean Jones was:
Portrait of Yvette MimieuxYvette Mimieux
Maria Riserau
Yvette Mimieux was:
Portrait of Bernard WoringerBernard Woringer
Marcel Cartucci
Bernard Woringer was:
Portrait of Clément HarariClément Harari
Emile Paraulis
Clément Harari was:
Portrait of Yvonne ConstantYvonne Constant
Yolande Angelli
Yvonne Constant was:
Portrait of Marcel HillaireMarcel Hillaire
Mayor Gaston Lou
Marcel Hillaire was:
Portrait of Jules MunshinJules Munshin
Monsieur Piastillio
Jules Munshin was:
Portrait of Alan CarneyAlan Carney
Alan Carney was:
Portrait of Maurice MarsacMaurice Marsac
Maurice Marsac was:
Portrait of Darleen CarrDarleen Carr
Sidoni Riserau
Darleen Carr was:
Portrait of Don AmesDon Ames
Don Ames was:
Portrait of Jeremie Blanc ShapiraJeremie Blanc Shapira
Jeremie Blanc Shapira was:
Portrait of George BruggemanGeorge Bruggeman
George Bruggeman was:
Portrait of Peter CamlinPeter Camlin
Cabinet Maker
Peter Camlin was:
Portrait of Tina MenardTina Menard
Tina Menard was:
Portrait of Ernesto MolinariErnesto Molinari
Ernesto Molinari was:
Portrait of Emma PalmeseEmma Palmese
Emma Palmese was:
Portrait of Joe PhillipsJoe Phillips
Festival Guest
Joe Phillips was:
Portrait of Al RobertsAl Roberts
Al Roberts was:
Portrait of Hal TaggartHal Taggart
Cafe Patron
Hal Taggart was:
Portrait of John RoyJohn Roy
John Roy was:
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