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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of All My Darling Daughters

All My Darling Daughters

Release Date: Wednesday, November 22 1972 (49 years ago)
Portrait of Robert YoungRobert Young
Judge Charles Raleigh
Robert Young was:
Portrait of Raymond MasseyRaymond Massey
Matthew Cunningham
Raymond Massey was:
Portrait of Eve ArdenEve Arden
Miss Freeling, the Wedding Counselor
Eve Arden was:
Portrait of Darleen CarrDarleen Carr
Darleen Carr was:
Portrait of Judy StrangisJudy Strangis
Judy Strangis was:
Portrait of Sharon GlessSharon Gless
Sharon Gless was:
Portrait of Fawne HarrimanFawne Harriman
Charlotte Raleigh
Fawne Harriman was:
Portrait of Darrell LarsonDarrell Larson
Andy O'Brien
Darrell Larson was:
Portrait of Jerry FogelJerry Fogel
Jerry Greene
Jerry Fogel was:
Portrait of Colby ChesterColby Chester
Bradley Coombs
Colby Chester was:
Portrait of Michael RichardsonMichael Richardson
Biff Brynner
Michael Richardson was:
Portrait of Bruno KirbyBruno Kirby
Anthony Stephanelli
Bruno Kirby was:
Portrait of John LuptonJohn Lupton
Prosecuting Attorney
John Lupton was:
Portrait of Richard RoatRichard Roat
Defense Attorney
Richard Roat was:
Portrait of Ilka WindishIlka Windish
Mrs. Stephanelli
Ilka Windish was:
Portrait of Ben WrightBen Wright
Ben Wright was:
Portrait of Anne LoosAnne Loos
Mrs. Markham
Anne Loos was:
Portrait of Virginia GreggVirginia Gregg
Virginia Gregg was:
Portrait of Kat Sawyer-YoungKat Sawyer-Young
Maid of Honor
Kat Sawyer-Young was:
Portrait of Dale JohnsonDale Johnson
Court Clerk
Dale Johnson was:
Portrait of William KerwinWilliam Kerwin
Lester (uncredited)
William Kerwin was:
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