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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Wild Wind

Wild Wind

Release Date: 1985-11-01 (35 years ago)
George Montgomery
Major Nestorovic
George Montgomery was:
Jay North
Captain Schofield
Jay North was:
Dale Cummings
Nazi Lieutenant
Dale Cummings was:
Milan Puzić
Milan Puzić was:
Miroljub Lešo
Miroljub Lešo was:
Svetozar Cvetković
Svetozar Sekulić, the bounty hunter
Svetozar Cvetković was:
Viktor Proskurin
Viktor Proskurin was:
Душан Јанићијевић
Duško Babović
Душан Јанићијевић was:
Svetlana Toma
Russian Girl
Svetlana Toma was:
Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk was:
Dragomir Felba
Dragomir Felba was:
Mladen Nedeljković
Poručnik Obari
Mladen Nedeljković was:
Svetlana Tulgara
Svetlana Tulgara was:
Yevgeniya Simonova
Yevgeniya Simonova was:
Vladan Živković
Mitar Sekulić
Vladan Živković was:
Branislav Lečić
Branislav Lečić was:
Ljubomir Ćipranić
Ljubomir Ćipranić was:
Albert Paulsen
Major Ted Kegan
Albert Paulsen was:
Greg Finley
Major general Charles Rainey
Greg Finley was:
Bob Swain
Radio Operator (uncredited)
Bob Swain was:
Elena Kondulaynen
Elena Kondulaynen was:
Mihail Badiceanu
Mihail Badiceanu was:
Silvia Berova
Silvia Berova was:
Mirca Kisturga
Mirca Kisturga was:
Ljiljana Jovanović
Ljiljana Jovanović was:
Nada Mlađenović
Nada Mlađenović was:
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