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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Operation Petticoat

Operation Petticoat

Release Date: 1959-12-05 (61 years ago)
Cary Grant
Matt Sherman
Cary Grant was:
Tony Curtis
Nicholas Holden
Tony Curtis was:
Joan O'Brien
Dolores Crandall
Joan O'Brien was:
Dina Merrill
Barbara Duran
Dina Merrill was:
Gene Evans
Chief Molumphry
Gene Evans was:
Dick Sargent
Dick Sargent was:
Virginia Gregg
Edna Heywood
Virginia Gregg was:
Robert F. Simon
Captain Henderson
Robert F. Simon was:
Robert Gist
Lieutenant Watson
Robert Gist was:
Gavin MacLeod
Ernest Hunkle
Gavin MacLeod was:
George Dunn
George Dunn was:
Dick Crockett
Dick Crockett was:
Madlyn Rhue
Lieutenant Reid
Madlyn Rhue was:
Marion Ross
Lieutenant Colfax
Marion Ross was:
Clarence Lung
Ramon Gillardo
Clarence Lung was:
Frankie Darro
Frankie Darro was:
Tony Pastor, Jr.
Tony Pastor, Jr. was:
Robert F. Hoy
Robert F. Hoy was:
Nicky Blair
Seaman Kraus
Nicky Blair was:
John W. Morley
John W. Morley was:
Arthur O'Connell
Sam Tostin
Arthur O'Connell was:
Hal Baylor
Military Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Hal Baylor was:
William Bryant
Crewman (uncredited)
William Bryant was:
Bert Byers
Bowman (uncredited)
Bert Byers was:
Dick Callinan
Lieutenant Morrison (uncredited)
Dick Callinan was:
Gordon Casell
Colonel Higginson (uncredited)
Gordon Casell was:
Malcolm Cassell
Sailor (uncredited)
Malcolm Cassell was:
H. Haile Chace
Soldier (uncredited)
H. Haile Chace was:
Tony Corrado
Fireman Lye (uncredited)
Tony Corrado was:
Dale Cummings
Military Policeman (uncredited)
Dale Cummings was:
Francis De Sales
Captain Kress (uncredited)
Francis De Sales was:
Vince Deadrick Sr.
Vince Deadrick Sr. was:
Alan Dexter
Navy Chief (uncredited)
Alan Dexter was:
Kirk Douglas
Welding Seaman (uncredited)
Kirk Douglas was:
Tusi Faiivae
Witch Doctor (uncredited)
Tusi Faiivae was:
Paul Frees
Colonel in Jeep on Cebu (voice) (uncredited)
Paul Frees was:
Bob Gibson
Seaman (uncredited)
Bob Gibson was:
Larry Gilliland
Sailor (uncredited)
Larry Gilliland was:
Preston Hanson
Simpson (uncredited)
Preston Hanson was:
Fred Harflinger II
Sailor (uncredited)
Fred Harflinger II was:
Harry Harvey Jr.
Soldier (uncredited)
Harry Harvey Jr. was:
Vi Ingraham
Pregnant Filipino Woman (uncredited)
Vi Ingraham was:
Glenn Jacobson
Control Tower Staff (uncredited)
Glenn Jacobson was:
Robert Keys
Military Policeman (uncredited)
Robert Keys was:
Joseph Kim
Filipino (uncredited)
Joseph Kim was:
William Kinney
William Kinney was:
James Lanphier
Daly (uncredited)
James Lanphier was:
Nelson Leigh
Admiral Koenig (uncredited)
Nelson Leigh was:
Leon Lontoc
Filipino Farmer (uncredited)
Leon Lontoc was:
John James Russell
Sailor (uncredited)
John James Russell was:
Alan Scott
Chief of Demolition (uncredited)
Alan Scott was:
Bob Stratton
Marine Lieutenant (uncredited)
Bob Stratton was:
Nino Tempo
Crewman (uncredited)
Nino Tempo was:
Howard Venezia
Soldier (uncredited)
Howard Venezia was:
Francis L. Ward
Petty Officer (uncredited)
Francis L. Ward was:
Robert C. Youmans
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Robert C. Youmans was:
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