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Release Date: 1961-12-23 (59 years ago)
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn was:
Silvana Mangano
Silvana Mangano was:
Arthur Kennedy
Pontius Pilate
Arthur Kennedy was:
Katy Jurado
Katy Jurado was:
Harry Andrews
Harry Andrews was:
Vittorio Gassman
Vittorio Gassman was:
Norman Wooland
Norman Wooland was:
Valentina Cortese
Valentina Cortese was:
Jack Palance
Jack Palance was:
Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Borgnine was:
Arnoldo Foà
Joseph of Arimathea
Arnoldo Foà was:
Michael Gwynn
Michael Gwynn was:
Laurence Payne
Laurence Payne was:
Douglas Fowley
Douglas Fowley was:
Guido Celano
Guido Celano was:
Enrico Glori
Man Pleading for Release of Prisoner
Enrico Glori was:
Carlo Giustini
Officer (as Carlo Giutini)
Carlo Giustini was:
Giovanni Di Benedetto
Officer (as Gianni Di Benedetto)
Giovanni Di Benedetto was:
Robert Hall
Commander of Gladiators
Robert Hall was:
Rina Braido
Tavern Reveler
Rina Braido was:
Nando Angelini
Nando Angelini was:
Tullio Tomadoni
Blind Man
Tullio Tomadoni was:
Joe Robinson
Bearded Gladiator
Joe Robinson was:
Friedrich von Ledebur
Officer (as Frederich Ledebur)
Friedrich von Ledebur was:
Marcello Di Martire
Marcello Di Martire was:
Spartaco Nale
Spartaco Nale was:
Maria Zanoli
Beggar Woman
Maria Zanoli was:
Gustavo De Nardo
Gustavo De Nardo was:
Vladimiro Picciafuochi
Guard with Rufio
Vladimiro Picciafuochi was:
Sharon Tate
Patrician in Arena (uncredited)
Sharon Tate was:
Emma Baron
Emma Baron was:
Roland Bartrop
Roland Bartrop was:
George Birt
George Birt was:
Salvatore Borgese
Salvatore Borgese was:
Harold Bradley
Harold Bradley was:
William Lyon Brown
William Lyon Brown was:
Roger Browne
Roger Browne was:
Alfio Caltabiano
Alfio Caltabiano was:
Miranda Campa
Miranda Campa was:
Omero Capanna
Omero Capanna was:
Livia Cordaro
Livia Cordaro was:
Dave Crowley
Dave Crowley was:
Dale Cummings
Dale Cummings was:
Carolyn De Fonseca
Carolyn De Fonseca was:
Jim Dolen
Jim Dolen was:
Vera Drudi
Vera Drudi was:
George Ehling
George Ehling was:
Naci Erhun
Naci Erhun was:
Jody Excell
Jody Excell was:
Karin von Faber
Karin von Faber was:
Arnaldo Fabrizio
Arnaldo Fabrizio was:
Charles Fawcett
Charles Fawcett was:
Rina Franchetti
Rina Franchetti was:
Robert Gardett
Robert Gardett was:
Fernando Hilbeck
Fernando Hilbeck was:
John Horne
John Horne was:
William Kiehl
William Kiehl was:
Carlo Latimer
Carlo Latimer was:
Curt Lowens
Curt Lowens was:
Natasha Lytess
Natasha Lytess was:
Rocco Roy Mangano
Rocco Roy Mangano was:
Maria Marchi
Maria Marchi was:
Walter Maslow
Walter Maslow was:
David Maunsell
David Maunsell was:
Maria Mizar
Maria Mizar was:
Lucia Modugno
Lucia Modugno was:
Sandro Mondini
Sandro Mondini was:
David Montresor
David Montresor was:
Paul Müller
Paul Müller was:
Burt Nelson
Burt Nelson was:
Remington Olmsted
Remington Olmsted was:
Piero Pastore
Piero Pastore was:
Paola Pitagora
Paola Pitagora was:
Mimmo Poli
Mimmo Poli was:
Massimo Righi
Massimo Righi was:
Margherita Sala
Margherita Sala was:
Amerigo Santarelli
Amerigo Santarelli was:
Gaetano Scala
Gaetano Scala was:
Nino Segurini
Nino Segurini was:
John Stacy
John Stacy was:
Dan Sturkie
Dan Sturkie was:
Jacopo Tecchi
Jacopo Tecchi was:
Darix Togni
Darix Togni was:
Ivan Triesault
Ivan Triesault was:
Wladimiro Tuicovich
Wladimiro Tuicovich was:
Marco Tulli
Marco Tulli was:
Giovanni Vari
Giovanni Vari was:
Richard Watson
Richard Watson was:
Veronica Wells
Veronica Wells was:
Jay Weston
Jay Weston was:
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