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Trouble Along the Way

Trouble Along the Way

Release Date: 1953-04-04 (68 years ago)
John Wayne
Stephen Aloysius Williams
John Wayne was:
Donna Reed
Alice Singleton
Donna Reed was:
Chuck Connors
Stan Schwegler
Chuck Connors was:
Charles Coburn
le Père Matthew William Burke
Charles Coburn was:
Tom Tully
Father Malone
Tom Tully was:
Sherry Jackson
Carol Williams
Sherry Jackson was:
Marie Windsor
Anne Williams McCormick
Marie Windsor was:
Tom Helmore
Harold McCormick
Tom Helmore was:
Dabbs Greer
Father Peterson
Dabbs Greer was:
Leif Erickson
Father Provincial aka Ed
Leif Erickson was:
Douglas Spencer
Father Procurator aka George
Douglas Spencer was:
Lester Matthews
Cardinal William Patrick O'Shea
Lester Matthews was:
Murray Alper
Bus Driver
Murray Alper was:
Phil Chambers
Phil Chambers was:
Keith Clarke
Keith Clarke was:
Doris Cole
Doris Cole was:
James Dean
Football Spectator
James Dean was:
Ted Eckelberry
Joe Ostrow
Ted Eckelberry was:
Frank Ferguson
Mike Edwards
Frank Ferguson was:
James Flavin
Coach Buck Holman
James Flavin was:
Fritz Ford
Football Player
Fritz Ford was:
Jack Gargan
Jack Gargan was:
Richard Garrick
Richard Garrick was:
Ned Glass
Pool Player
Ned Glass was:
Fred Graham
Bill Sackheim
Fred Graham was:
Merv Griffin
Football Broadcaster (voice)
Merv Griffin was:
Tom Hernández
Tom Hernández was:
Robert Keys
Santa Clara Team Manager Joe
Robert Keys was:
Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger was:
Ray Kyle
Ray Kyle was:
Mike Lally
Mike Lally was:
Frank Marlowe
Drunk in Bar with Dog
Frank Marlowe was:
Sydney Mason
Sydney Mason was:
Frank McLure
Frank McLure was:
Larry Merrill
Jeffrey Marlowe
Larry Merrill was:
Jack Mower
Domestic Court Staffer
Jack Mower was:
Barry Norton
Party Guest
Barry Norton was:
William H. O'Brien
Bartender Joe
William H. O'Brien was:
Jack Pepper
Irish Tenor / Pianist in Saloon
Jack Pepper was:
Howard Petrie
Marvin Adams
Howard Petrie was:
Angi O. Poulos
Saloon Waiter
Angi O. Poulos was:
Vici Raaf
Vici Raaf was:
Bill Radovich
Moose McCall
Bill Radovich was:
Olan Soule
Cardinal's Secretary
Olan Soule was:
Anitra Stevens
Anitra Stevens was:
Arthur Tovey
Football Spectator
Arthur Tovey was:
Renata Vanni
Maria's Italian Mother
Renata Vanni was:
Ralph Volkie
Ralph Volkie was:
Charles Watts
Mr. Wallace
Charles Watts was:
Guy Way
Football Player
Guy Way was:
Jeri Weil
Young Carol
Jeri Weil was:
Gayne Whitman
Lawyer Grummet
Gayne Whitman was:
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