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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Green Mile

The Green Mile

Release Date: 1999-12-10 (21 years ago)
Tom Hanks
Paul Edgecomb
Tom Hanks was:
David Morse
Brutus "Brutal" Howell
David Morse was:
Bonnie Hunt
Jan Edgecomb
Bonnie Hunt was:
Michael Clarke Duncan
John Coffey
Michael Clarke Duncan was:
James Cromwell
Warden Hal Moores
James Cromwell was:
Michael Jeter
Eduard Delacroix
Michael Jeter was:
Graham Greene
Arlen Bitterbuck
Graham Greene was:
Doug Hutchison
Percy Wetmore
Doug Hutchison was:
Sam Rockwell
'Wild Bill' Wharton
Sam Rockwell was:
Barry Pepper
Dean Stanton
Barry Pepper was:
Jeffrey DeMunn
Harry Terwilliger
Jeffrey DeMunn was:
Patricia Clarkson
Melinda Moores
Patricia Clarkson was:
Harry Dean Stanton
Harry Dean Stanton was:
Dabbs Greer
Old Paul Edgecomb
Dabbs Greer was:
Eve Brent
Elaine Connelly
Eve Brent was:
William Sadler
Klaus Detterick
William Sadler was:
Mack Miles
Orderly Hector
Mack Miles was:
Rai Tasco
Man in Nursing Home
Rai Tasco was:
Paula Malcomson
Marjorie Detterick
Paula Malcomson was:
Christopher Joel Ives
Howie Detterick
Christopher Joel Ives was:
Evanne Drucker
Kathe Detterick
Evanne Drucker was:
Bailey Drucker
Cora Detterick
Bailey Drucker was:
Brian Libby
Sheriff McGee
Brian Libby was:
Brent Briscoe
Bill Dodge
Brent Briscoe was:
Bill McKinney
Jack Van Hay
Bill McKinney was:
Gary Sinise
Lawyer Burt Hammersmith
Gary Sinise was:
Rachel Singer
Cynthia Hammersmith
Rachel Singer was:
Scotty Leavenworth
Hammersmith's Son
Scotty Leavenworth was:
Bill Gratton
Earl the Plumber
Bill Gratton was:
Dee Croxton
Woman at Del's Execution
Dee Croxton was:
Rebecca Klingler
Wife at Del's Execution
Rebecca Klingler was:
Gary Imhoff
Husband at Del's Execution
Gary Imhoff was:
Van Epperson
Police Officer
Van Epperson was:
David E. Browning
Reverend at Funeral
David E. Browning was:
Tommy Barnes
Tower Guard (uncredited)
Tommy Barnes was:
Wes Hall
Prisoner (uncredited)
Wes Hall was:
Phil Hawn
Police Photographer (uncredited)
Phil Hawn was:
Judy Herrera
Bitterbuck's Daughter (uncredited)
Judy Herrera was:
Ted Hollis
Coffee Execution Witness (uncredited)
Ted Hollis was:
Gower Mills
Inmate (uncredited)
Gower Mills was:
Garth Shaw
Inmate (uncredited)
Garth Shaw was:
Jared Stovall
Inmate (uncredited)
Jared Stovall was:
Todd Thompson
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Todd Thompson was:
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