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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad and the Beautiful

Release Date: 1952-12-25 (68 years ago)
Lana Turner
Georgia Lorrison
Lana Turner was:
Kirk Douglas
Jonathan Shields
Kirk Douglas was:
Walter Pidgeon
Harry Pebbel
Walter Pidgeon was:
Dick Powell
James Lee Bartlow
Dick Powell was:
Barry Sullivan
Fred Amiel
Barry Sullivan was:
Gloria Grahame
Rosemary Bartlow
Gloria Grahame was:
Gilbert Roland
Victor 'Gaucho' Ribera
Gilbert Roland was:
Leo G. Carroll
Henry Whitfield
Leo G. Carroll was:
Vanessa Brown
Kay Amiel
Vanessa Brown was:
Paul Stewart
Syd Murphy
Paul Stewart was:
Sammy White
Sammy White was:
Elaine Stewart
Elaine Stewart was:
Ivan Triesault
Von Ellstein
Ivan Triesault was:
Barbara Billingsley
Evelyn Lucien
Barbara Billingsley was:
Francis X. Bushman
Eulogist (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman was:
Louis Calhern
Georgia Father (voice)
Louis Calhern was:
Kathleen Freeman
Whitfield's Assistant
Kathleen Freeman was:
Ned Glass
Wardrobe Man
Ned Glass was:
May McAvoy
Pebbel's Secretary
May McAvoy was:
Sandy Descher
Child Actress
Sandy Descher was:
Bess Flowers
Party Guest
Bess Flowers was:
Madge Blake
Mrs. Rosser
Madge Blake was:
Marietta Canty
Marietta Canty was:
Dabbs Greer
Dabbs Greer was:
Eve McVeagh
Paid Mourner at Funeral
Eve McVeagh was:
Hadda Brooks
Piano Player (uncredited)
Hadda Brooks was:
Stanley Andrews
Stanley Andrews was:
Franklyn Farnum
Assistant on Set (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Sam Harris
Party Guest
Sam Harris was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Roger Moore
Cigar Clerk
Roger Moore was:
William H. O'Brien
Waiter at Party (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Pat O'Malley
Man Outside Club
Pat O'Malley was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Christopher Olsen
Amiel's Boy
Christopher Olsen was:
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