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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror

Release Date: 1949-10-15 (71 years ago)
Robert Cummings
Charles D'Aubigny
Robert Cummings was:
Richard Basehart
Maximilian Robespierre
Richard Basehart was:
Richard Hart
François Barras
Richard Hart was:
Arlene Dahl
Arlene Dahl was:
Arnold Moss
Arnold Moss was:
Norman Lloyd
Norman Lloyd was:
Charles McGraw
Charles McGraw was:
Beulah Bondi
Grandma Blanchard
Beulah Bondi was:
Jess Barker
Jess Barker was:
Walter Bacon
Citizen (uncredited)
Walter Bacon was:
Ray Bennett
Robespierre's Shooter (uncredited)
Ray Bennett was:
Chet Brandenburg
Citizen (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg was:
Ralph Brooks
Citizen (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
William Challee
Bourdon (uncredited)
William Challee was:
Frank Conlan
Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Frank Conlan was:
Clancy Cooper
Saint Just's Sentry (uncredited)
Clancy Cooper was:
Wade Crosby
Danton (uncredited)
Wade Crosby was:
Jane Crowley
Citizen (uncredited)
Jane Crowley was:
Mary Currier
Mme. Duval (uncredited)
Mary Currier was:
Sayre Dearing
Citizen (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing was:
John Doucette
Pierre Blanchard (uncredited)
John Doucette was:
Rudy Germane
Citizen (uncredited)
Rudy Germane was:
Charles Gordon
Duval (uncredited)
Charles Gordon was:
Wilton Graff
Marquis de Lafayette (uncredited)
Wilton Graff was:
Dabbs Greer
Bridge Guard (uncredited)
Dabbs Greer was:
Frank Hagney
Bakery Guard (uncredited)
Frank Hagney was:
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Citizen (uncredited)
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian was:
Colin Kenny
Patriot (uncredited)
Colin Kenny was:
Victor Kilian
Jailer (uncredited)
Victor Kilian was:
David Leonard
Tavern Greeter (uncredited)
David Leonard was:
Ellen Lowe
Marie Blanchard (uncredited)
Ellen Lowe was:
Frank Mills
Citizen (uncredited)
Frank Mills was:
Hans Moebus
Citizen (uncredited)
Hans Moebus was:
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
Citizen (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan was:
Jack Perry
Citizen (uncredited)
Jack Perry was:
Fred Rapport
Citizen (uncredited)
Fred Rapport was:
Dan Seymour
Innkeeper (uncredited)
Dan Seymour was:
Cap Somers
Citizen (uncredited)
Cap Somers was:
Shepperd Strudwick
Napoleon Bonaparte (uncredited) (voice)
Shepperd Strudwick was:
Leo Sulky
Citizen (uncredited)
Leo Sulky was:
Anthony Sydes
Pierre's Son (uncredited)
Anthony Sydes was:
Russ Tamblyn
Pierre's Oldest Son (uncredited)
Russ Tamblyn was:
Arthur Tovey
Patriot (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey was:
Max Wagner
Citizen (uncredited)
Max Wagner was:
Georgette Windsor
Cecile (uncredited)
Georgette Windsor was:
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