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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

Release Date: 1990-09-28 (30 years ago)
Melanie Griffith
Patty Palmer
Melanie Griffith was:
Matthew Modine
Drake Goodman
Matthew Modine was:
Michael Keaton
Carter Hayes
Michael Keaton was:
Toshio Watanabe
Mako was:
Nobu McCarthy
Mira Watanabe
Nobu McCarthy was:
Laurie Metcalf
Stephanie MacDonald
Laurie Metcalf was:
Carl Lumbly
Lou Baker
Carl Lumbly was:
Dorian Harewood
Dorian Harewood was:
Luca Bercovici
Luca Bercovici was:
Tippi Hedren
Florence Peters
Tippi Hedren was:
Sheila McCarthy
Liz Hamilton
Sheila McCarthy was:
Guy Boyd
Warning Cop
Guy Boyd was:
Jerry Hardin
Bennett Fidlow
Jerry Hardin was:
Dan Hedaya
Loan Officer
Dan Hedaya was:
James Staley
District Attorney
James Staley was:
Miriam Margolyes
Miriam Margolyes was:
Takayo Fischer
Bank Teller
Takayo Fischer was:
Frank DiElsi
Precinct Cop
Frank DiElsi was:
Beverly D'Angelo
Ann Miller
Beverly D'Angelo was:
Luis Oropeza
Luis Oropeza was:
F. William Parker
F. William Parker was:
Nicholas Pryor
Hotel Manager
Nicholas Pryor was:
Tony Simotes
Desk Clerk
Tony Simotes was:
O-Lan Jones
Motel Maid
O-Lan Jones was:
Seth Isler
Seth Isler was:
Dabbs Greer
Mr. Thayer
Dabbs Greer was:
Florence Sundstrom
Mrs. Thayer
Florence Sundstrom was:
Noel Evangelisti
Mrs. Smith
Noel Evangelisti was:
Nick Rutherford
Nick Rutherford was:
Tim Pulice
Younger Man
Tim Pulice was:
Ray Hanis
Older Man
Ray Hanis was:
Tom Nolan
Bank Teller
Tom Nolan was:
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald was:
J.P. Bumstead
1st Deputy Sheriff
J.P. Bumstead was:
Hal Landon Jr.
2nd Deputy Sheriff
Hal Landon Jr. was:
Hy Anzell
Hy Anzell was:
Tracey Walter
Tracey Walter was:
William Paterson
Mr. Hill
William Paterson was:
D.W. Moffett
D.W. Moffett was:
Barbara Tyson
Barbara Tyson was:
John Diaz
Shoe Shine Man
John Diaz was:
Roger Bearde
Arresting Cop
Roger Bearde was:
Ed Hodson
Other Cop
Ed Hodson was:
Michael Parker
Man at Police Station
Michael Parker was:
Maggy Myers Davidson
Diamond Lady
Maggy Myers Davidson was:
Bud Ekins
Bud Ekins was:
Danny Wynands
Danny Wynands was:
David Lloyd Wilson
Television Host
David Lloyd Wilson was:
Matthew Flint
Matthew Flint was:
Scott Freeman
Scott Freeman was:
Alice Barden
Alice Barden was:
Danny Kovacs
Danny Kovacs was:
Wat Takeshita
Wat Takeshita was:
Frank Maruoka
Frank Maruoka was:
Tohoru Masamune
Tohoru Masamune was:
Aida Anderson
Aida Anderson was:
Linda Austin
Linda Austin was:
John Schlesinger
Man in Elevator (uncredited)
John Schlesinger was:
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