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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain

Release Date: 1957-06-19 (64 years ago)
Hal Stalmaster
Johnny Tremain
Hal Stalmaster was:
Richard Beymer
Rab Silsbee
Richard Beymer was:
Luana Patten
Cilla Lapham
Luana Patten was:
Jeff York
James Otis
Jeff York was:
Sebastian Cabot
Jonathan Lyte
Sebastian Cabot was:
Rusty Lane
Samuel Adams
Rusty Lane was:
Walter Sande
Paul Revere
Walter Sande was:
Whit Bissell
Josiah Quincy
Whit Bissell was:
Walter Coy
Doctor Joseph Warren
Walter Coy was:
Virginia Christine
Mrs. Lapham
Virginia Christine was:
Ralph Clanton
General Gage
Ralph Clanton was:
Lumsden Hare
Admiral Montagu
Lumsden Hare was:
Gavin Gordon
Col. Smith
Gavin Gordon was:
Geoffrey Toone
Major Pitcairn
Geoffrey Toone was:
Will Wright
Ephraim Lapham
Will Wright was:
Dabbs Greer
Nat Lorne
Dabbs Greer was:
Charles Smith
Charles Smith was:
Cyril Delevanti
Cyril Delevanti was:
Sharon Disney
Dorcas (uncredited)
Sharon Disney was:
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