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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Value for Money

Value for Money

Release Date: 1955-08-09 (65 years ago)
John Gregson
Chayley Broadbent
John Gregson was:
Diana Dors
Ruthine West
Diana Dors was:
Susan Stephen
Susan Stephen was:
Derek Farr
Duke Popplewell
Derek Farr was:
Joan Hickson
Mrs. Perkins
Joan Hickson was:
Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips was:
Ann Sullivan
Doll (uncredited)
Ann Sullivan was:
Frank Pettingell
Mayor Higgins
Frank Pettingell was:
Charles Victor
Charles Victor was:
Ernest Thesiger
Lord Dewsbury
Ernest Thesiger was:
Hal Osmond
Mr. Hall
Hal Osmond was:
Jill Adams
Jill Adams was:
Donald Pleasence
Donald Pleasence was:
John Glyn-Jones
John Glyn-Jones was:
Ferdy Mayne
Ferdy Mayne was:
Charles Lloyd Pack
Mr. Gidbrook
Charles Lloyd Pack was:
George Benson
George Benson was:
Ronnie Stevens
Ronnie Stevens was:
Julia Arnall
Ruritanian Doll (uncredited)
Julia Arnall was:
Peter Burton
Hotel Receptionist (uncredited)
Peter Burton was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Ronald Chesney
Harmonica Player on Coach (uncredited)
Ronald Chesney was:
Peggy Ann Clifford
Fat Mother (uncredited)
Peggy Ann Clifford was:
Christine Finn
Reporter (uncredited)
Christine Finn was:
Mandy Harper
Young Girl (uncredited)
Mandy Harper was:
Jill Melford
Muriel (uncredited)
Jill Melford was:
Sheila Raynor
Mrs. Hall (uncredited)
Sheila Raynor was:
Oliver Reed
Extra (uncredited)
Oliver Reed was:
Cyril Smith
Writ Server (uncredited)
Cyril Smith was:
Molly Weir
Mrs. Matthews (uncredited)
Molly Weir was:
Ian Wilson
Extra (uncredited)
Ian Wilson was:
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