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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's

The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's

Release Date: 1960-12-22 (60 years ago)
Cecil Parker
Professor Canford
Cecil Parker was:
George Cole
'Flash' Harry Cuthbert Edwards
George Cole was:
Joyce Grenfell
Sergeant Ruby Gates
Joyce Grenfell was:
Eric Barker
Eric Barker was:
Thorley Walters
Thorley Walters was:
Irene Handl
Miss Harker-Parker
Irene Handl was:
Dennis Price
Gore Blackwood
Dennis Price was:
Sid James
Alphonse O'Reilly
Sid James was:
Julie Alexander
Rosalie Dawn
Julie Alexander was:
Lloyd Lamble
Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird
Lloyd Lamble was:
Raymond Huntley
Judge Slender
Raymond Huntley was:
Nicholas Phipps
Major Hargreaves
Nicholas Phipps was:
Lisa Lee
Miss Brenner
Lisa Lee was:
John Le Mesurier
Minister of Education
John Le Mesurier was:
George Benson
Defence Counsel
George Benson was:
Elwyn Brook-Jones
Elwyn Brook-Jones was:
Basil Dignam
Army Officer
Basil Dignam was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Army Captain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Michael Ripper
Michael Ripper was:
Mark Dignam
Prosecuting Counsel
Mark Dignam was:
Monte Landis
Monte Landis was:
Warren Mitchell
Warren Mitchell was:
Clive Morton
Clive Morton was:
Wensley Pithey
Chief Constable
Wensley Pithey was:
Liz Fraser
WPC Susan Partridge
Liz Fraser was:
Bill Shine
Bill Shine was:
Edina Ronay
Lavinia (uncredited)
Edina Ronay was:
Erica Rogers
Bobbie (uncredited)
Erica Rogers was:
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