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The Net

Release Date: 1953-02-09 (68 years ago)
James Donald
Michael Heathley
James Donald was:
Phyllis Calvert
Lydia Heathley
Phyllis Calvert was:
Noel Willman
Dr. Dennis Bord
Noel Willman was:
Herbert Lom
Dr. Alex Leon
Herbert Lom was:
Robert Beatty
Maj. Sam Seagram
Robert Beatty was:
Patric Doonan
Brian Jackson
Patric Doonan was:
Walter Fitzgerald
Sir Charles Craddock
Walter Fitzgerald was:
Muriel Pavlow
Caroline Cartier
Muriel Pavlow was:
Maurice Denham
Prof. Carrington
Maurice Denham was:
Marjorie Fielding
Michael's Mother
Marjorie Fielding was:
Herbert Lomas
George Jackson
Herbert Lomas was:
Geoffrey Denton
Geoffrey Denton was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Inspector Carter
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Hal Osmond
Agent Lawson
Hal Osmond was:
Caven Watson
Dr. Ferguson
Caven Watson was:
Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Stanley Maxted
Prof. Adams
Stanley Maxted was:
Hartley Power
General Adams (uncredited)
Hartley Power was:
Philip Ray
Sentry (uncredited)
Philip Ray was:
Johnnie Schofield
Jim Barnes (uncredited)
Johnnie Schofield was:
John Warren
Ted (uncredited)
John Warren was:
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