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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden

Release Date: 1963-06-07 (58 years ago)
Anne Helm
Kathy Fisher
Anne Helm was:
Michael Craig
Jack Hopkins
Michael Craig was:
Jeff Donnell
Miriam Fisher
Jeff Donnell was:
Alan Hale Jr.
Paul Fisher
Alan Hale Jr. was:
Noel Purcell
Admiral Sir Digby Trevelyan
Noel Purcell was:
Cecil Parker
Sir Giles Thompson
Cecil Parker was:
Roland Culver
Lord Upshott
Roland Culver was:
Joan Sims
Nellie Trotter
Joan Sims was:
John Standing
Humphrey Gore-Brown
John Standing was:
Brian Oulton
Brian Oulton was:
Sam Kydd
Fred Trotter
Sam Kydd was:
Judith Furse
Mrs. Webb
Judith Furse was:
Jim Dale
Jim Dale was:
George Woodbridge
Sid Ludge
George Woodbridge was:
Richard Thorp
Harry Markham
Richard Thorp was:
Peter Byrne
Race Starter (uncredited)
Peter Byrne was:
Ian Wilson
Sidney Webb
Ian Wilson was:
Brian Rawlinson
Albert - Village Constable
Brian Rawlinson was:
Douglas Ives
Douglas Ives was:
David Aylmer
Thompson's Salesman
David Aylmer was:
Peter Burton
Thompson's Salesman
Peter Burton was:
Michael Nightingale
Senior Rally Steward
Michael Nightingale was:
Raymond Glendenning
Rally Commentator (voice)
Raymond Glendenning was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Mrs. Webb's Teammate
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Peter Jesson
'Wrong' Rolls Royce Owner
Peter Jesson was:
Anton Rodgers
Anton Rodgers was:
Tom Gill
Rally Steward
Tom Gill was:
Anthony Baird
Anthony Baird was:
Bill Cartwright
Bill Cartwright was:
Middleton Woods
Middleton Woods was:
Peter Wells
Peter Wells was:
Eric Corrie
Eric Corrie was:
Jonathan Kydd
Fred's Son
Jonathan Kydd was:
John Russell
John Russell was:
Pat Ryan
Rally Steward (uncredited)
Pat Ryan was:
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