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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Big Money

The Big Money

Release Date: 1958-06-09 (63 years ago)
Ian Carmichael
Willie Frith
Ian Carmichael was:
Belinda Lee
Belinda Lee was:
Kathleen Harrison
Mrs Frith
Kathleen Harrison was:
Robert Helpmann
The Reverend
Robert Helpmann was:
Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips was:
James Hayter
Mr Frith
James Hayter was:
George Coulouris
The Colonel
George Coulouris was:
Renée Houston
Renée Houston was:
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan was:
Jill Ireland
Doreen Frith
Jill Ireland was:
Harold Berens
Harold Berens was:
Hugh Morton
Hugh Morton was:
Ferdy Mayne
Ferdy Mayne was:
Digby Wolfe
Harry Mason
Digby Wolfe was:
Michael Balfour
Michael Balfour was:
Joss Ambler
Joss Ambler was:
Peter Asher
Cyril Frith
Peter Asher was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Detective at Hotel
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Thomas Gallagher
Thomas Gallagher was:
David Hutcheson
Tipster at Racecourse
David Hutcheson was:
Miriam Karlin
Lady in Nightclub
Miriam Karlin was:
Maurice Kaufmann
Harry's Friend
Maurice Kaufmann was:
Ronan O'Casey
Gang Member
Ronan O'Casey was:
Hal Osmond
Porter at Victoria Station
Hal Osmond was:
Ewen Solon
Detective in Pub
Ewen Solon was:
Joy Webster
Minor Role
Joy Webster was:
Angela White
Angela White was:
Ian Wilson
Post Office Clerk
Ian Wilson was:
Vic Wise
Second Bookmaker
Vic Wise was:
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