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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Stop Press Girl

Stop Press Girl

Release Date: 1949-06-02 (72 years ago)
Sally Ann Howes
Jennifer Peters
Sally Ann Howes was:
Gordon Jackson
Jock Melville
Gordon Jackson was:
Basil Radford
The Mechanical Type
Basil Radford was:
Naunton Wayne
The Mechanical Type
Naunton Wayne was:
James Robertson Justice
Arthur Peters
James Robertson Justice was:
Sonia Holm
Angela Carew
Sonia Holm was:
Nigel Buchanan
Roy Fairfax
Nigel Buchanan was:
Joyce Barbour
Aunt Mab
Joyce Barbour was:
Campbell Cotts
John Fairfax
Campbell Cotts was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Julia Lang
Carole Saunders
Julia Lang was:
Percy Walsh
Editor, Evening Comet
Percy Walsh was:
Oliver Burt
Editor, Morning Sun
Oliver Burt was:
Kenneth More
Police Sgt. 'Bonzo'
Kenneth More was:
Humphrey Lestocq
Radio Commentator
Humphrey Lestocq was:
Vincent Ball
Hero in cinema sequence
Vincent Ball was:
Anne Valery
Heroine in cinema sequence
Anne Valery was:
Michael Goodliffe
Michael Goodliffe was:
Michael Balfour
Crook (uncredited)
Michael Balfour was:
John Boxer
Pub Landlord (uncredited)
John Boxer was:
Fred Griffiths
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Fred Griffiths was:
Sam Kydd
Railway Ticket Clerk (uncredited)
Sam Kydd was:
Arthur Lowe
Archibald (uncredited)
Arthur Lowe was:
Jack May
Newspaper Seller (uncredited)
Jack May was:
William Mervyn
Cinema Manager (uncredited)
William Mervyn was:
Douglas Seale
Jeweller's Assistant (uncredited)
Douglas Seale was:
André van Gyseghem
Ex-Editor of Evening Comet (uncredited)
André van Gyseghem was:
Jack Vyvyan
Hotel Porter (uncredited)
Jack Vyvyan was:
Patrick Waddington
Airline Director (uncredited)
Patrick Waddington was:
Michael Ward
Hairdressers' Manager (uncredited)
Michael Ward was:
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