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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Spare a Copper

Spare a Copper

Release Date: 1940-12-02 (80 years ago)
George Formby
George Carter
George Formby was:
Dorothy Hyson
Jane Gray
Dorothy Hyson was:
Bernard Lee
Bernard Lee was:
George Merritt
George Merritt was:
John Warwick
John Warwick was:
Bryan Herbert
Bryan Herbert was:
Warburton Gamble
Sir Robert
Warburton Gamble was:
John Turnbull
Inspector Richards
John Turnbull was:
James Woodburn
James Woodburn was:
Eliot Makeham
Eliot Makeham was:
Ellen Pollock
Lady Hardstaff
Ellen Pollock was:
Charles Carson
Charles Carson was:
Aubrey Mallalieu
Manager Of Music Store
Aubrey Mallalieu was:
Edward Lexy
Night Watchman
Edward Lexy was:
Grace Arnold
Music Shop Customer
Grace Arnold was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Jimmy Godden
Jimmy Godden was:
Hal Gordon
Hal Gordon was:
Laurence Kitchin
Laurence Kitchin was:
Jack Melford
Jack Melford was:
Beryl Reid
Minor role
Beryl Reid was:
Johnnie Schofield
Johnnie Schofield was:
Bill Shine
Minor Role
Bill Shine was:
Ronald Shiner
Piano Mover
Ronald Shiner was:
Jack Vyvyan
Police Sergeant
Jack Vyvyan was:
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