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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Simon and Laura

Simon and Laura

Release Date: 1955-11-02 (65 years ago)
Peter Finch
Simon Foster
Peter Finch was:
Kay Kendall
Laura Foster
Kay Kendall was:
Muriel Pavlow
Janet Honeyman
Muriel Pavlow was:
Hubert Gregg
Bertie Burton
Hubert Gregg was:
Maurice Denham
Maurice Denham was:
Ian Carmichael
David Prentice
Ian Carmichael was:
Richard Wattis
Controller of Television Drama
Richard Wattis was:
Thora Hird
Thora Hird was:
Terence Longdon
Terence Longdon was:
Clive Parritt
Clive Parritt was:
Alan Wheatley
Adrian Lee
Alan Wheatley was:
Beverley Brooks
Beverley Brooks was:
Hal Osmond
Effects Man
Hal Osmond was:
Tom Gill
TV Producer
Tom Gill was:
David Morrell
TV Producer
David Morrell was:
Nicholas Parsons
TV Producer
Nicholas Parsons was:
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
Charles Hawtrey
Railway Porter
Charles Hawtrey was:
Stuart Saunders
Policeman in TV Sketch
Stuart Saunders was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Muriel George
Muriel George was:
Gilbert Harding
Gilbert Harding was:
Isobel Barnett
Isobel Barnett was:
Jon Ellison
Jon Ellison was:
Brian Wilde
Peter Harbottle
Brian Wilde was:
Barry Steele
Bert Harbottle
Barry Steele was:
Esma Cannon
Laura from Newcastle
Esma Cannon was:
Philip Gilbert
Philip Gilbert was:
Julia Arnall
Makeup Girl
Julia Arnall was:
Susan Beaumont
Producer's Secretary
Susan Beaumont was:
Jill Ireland
Burton's Receptionist
Jill Ireland was:
George Cansdale
George Cansdale was:
Peter Haigh
Peter Haigh was:
Lesley Dudley
Minor Role
Lesley Dudley was:
Shirley Anne Field
Minor Role
Shirley Anne Field was:
Victor Harrington
Customer at Mario's (uncredited)
Victor Harrington was:
Ian Hendry
Bit Part (uncredited)
Ian Hendry was:
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