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Release Date: 1940-03-09 (81 years ago)
Clive Brook
Robert Maine / Manning
Clive Brook was:
Anna Lee
Carol Sands
Anna Lee was:
May Whitty
Mrs Emily Truscott
May Whitty was:
Hartley Power
Hartley Power was:
Milton Rosmer
Milton Rosmer was:
David Tree
Peter Thropp
David Tree was:
Olga Lindo
Grace Sambourne
Olga Lindo was:
Garry Marsh
Charlie Miller
Garry Marsh was:
Arthur Margetson
Arthur Margetson was:
Elliott Mason
Mrs. Priskin
Elliott Mason was:
O.B. Clarence
Mr. Truscott
O.B. Clarence was:
David Horne
David Horne was:
Frank Pettingell
Frank Pettingell was:
Wally Patch
Night Watchman
Wally Patch was:
Alf Goddard
Alf Goddard was:
John Turnbull
John Turnbull was:
Eliot Makeham
Fred Grover
Eliot Makeham was:
Mary Jerrold
Old Lady
Mary Jerrold was:
H.F. Maltby
H.F. Maltby was:
Ludwig Stössel
Capt. Angst
Ludwig Stössel was:
Mollie Rankin
Mollie Rankin was:
Patric Curwen
The Guard
Patric Curwen was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Bit Part
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Peter Glenville
Undetermined Role
Peter Glenville was:
Bruce Seton
Bruce Seton was:
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