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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Raising the Wind

Raising the Wind

Release Date: 1961-09-06 (59 years ago)
James Robertson Justice
Sir Benjamin Boyd
James Robertson Justice was:
Leslie Phillips
Mervyn Hughes
Leslie Phillips was:
Paul Massie
Malcolm Stewart
Paul Massie was:
Kenneth Williams
Harold Chesney
Kenneth Williams was:
Liz Fraser
Miranda Kennaway
Liz Fraser was:
Eric Barker
Dr. Morgan Rutherford
Eric Barker was:
Jennifer Jayne
Jill Clemons
Jennifer Jayne was:
Jimmy Thompson
Alex Spendlove
Jimmy Thompson was:
Sid James
Sid James was:
Esma Cannon
Mrs. Deevens
Esma Cannon was:
Geoffrey Keen
Sir John
Geoffrey Keen was:
Jill Ireland
Jill Ireland was:
Victor Maddern
Removal Man
Victor Maddern was:
Lance Percival
Lance Percival was:
Joan Hickson
Mrs. Bostwick
Joan Hickson was:
Jim Dale
Jim Dale was:
Ambrosine Phillpotts
Mrs. Featherstone
Ambrosine Phillpotts was:
David Lodge
David Lodge was:
Peter Byrne
1st Horn
Peter Byrne was:
Brian Oulton
Concert Agent
Brian Oulton was:
Douglas Ives
Street Musician
Douglas Ives was:
Bernard Hunter
1st Flute
Bernard Hunter was:
Peter Howell
Prof. Lumb
Peter Howell was:
George Woodbridge
Yorkshire Orchestra Leader
George Woodbridge was:
Cyril Chamberlain
L.A.M.A. Porter
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Peter Burton
1st Viola
Peter Burton was:
Erik Chitty
Elderly Man at Concert
Erik Chitty was:
Henry Davies
Henry Davies was:
Nigel Arkwright
4th Cellist
Nigel Arkwright was:
John Antrobus
Street Musician
John Antrobus was:
Tom Clegg
Street Musician
Tom Clegg was:
Frank Forsyth
Prof. Gerald Abrahams
Frank Forsyth was:
Terence Holland
1st Trombone
Terence Holland was:
Oliver Johnston
Prof. Parkin
Oliver Johnston was:
Dorinda Stevens
Dorinda Stevens was:
Michael Nightingale
Michael Nightingale was:
Ian Wilson
Street Musician - Drummer
Ian Wilson was:
Michael Miller
Barman Mike
Michael Miller was:
Wallace Bosco
Man at Concert (uncredited)
Wallace Bosco was:
Kenneth Kove
Street Musician (uncredited)
Kenneth Kove was:
Guy Standeven
Messiah Vocalist (uncredited)
Guy Standeven was:
Charles Stanley
Removal Man (uncredited)
Charles Stanley was:
Reg Thomason
Man in Pub (uncredited)
Reg Thomason was:
Bob Todd
Street Musician - Accordianist (uncredited)
Bob Todd was:
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