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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Portrait from Life

Portrait from Life

Release Date: 1948-12-15 (72 years ago)
Mai Zetterling
Mai Zetterling was:
Robert Beatty
Campbell Reid
Robert Beatty was:
Guy Rolfe
Major Lawrence
Guy Rolfe was:
Herbert Lom
Fritz Kottler Hendlemann
Herbert Lom was:
Patrick Holt
Patrick Holt was:
Arnold Marlé
Professor Franz Menzel
Arnold Marlé was:
Sybille Binder
Eitel Hendlemann
Sybille Binder was:
Thora Hird
Mrs. Skinner
Thora Hird was:
Gerard Heinz
Gerard Heinz was:
Yvonne Owen
Yvonne Owen was:
George Thorpe
George Thorpe was:
Philo Hauser
Hans Ackermann
Philo Hauser was:
John Blythe
John Blythe was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Betty Lynne
Betty Lynne was:
Nelly Arno
Anna Skutetsky
Nelly Arno was:
Richard Molinas
Man in Crowd with Anna
Richard Molinas was:
Donald Sinden
Minor Role
Donald Sinden was:
Hugo Schuster
Hugo Schuster was:
Eric Messiter
Eric Messiter was:
Dorothea Glade
Hildegard Schmidt
Dorothea Glade was:
Michael Hordern
Michael Hordern was:
Pete Murray
Lieutenant Keith
Pete Murray was:
Gordon Bell
Captain Roberts
Gordon Bell was:
Sam Kydd
Army Truck Driver
Sam Kydd was:
Eric Pohlmann
Search Group Leader
Eric Pohlmann was:
Anthony Steel
Anthony Steel was:
Arthur Hambling
Coroner's Officer (uncredited)
Arthur Hambling was:
Paul Hansard
Fritz (uncredited)
Paul Hansard was:
Dennis Harkin
Richard (uncredited)
Dennis Harkin was:
Charles Rolfe
Art Gallery Attendant (uncredited)
Charles Rolfe was:
Dennis Vance
Orderly, Officer's Mess (uncredited)
Dennis Vance was:
Arthur Young
Club Pianist (uncredited)
Arthur Young was:
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