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Release Date: 1959-12-17 (61 years ago)
Ted Ray
Edward Halliday
Ted Ray was:
Jean Kent
Janet Halliday
Jean Kent was:
Leslie Phillips
Dr. Henry Manners
Leslie Phillips was:
Joan Sims
Joan Sims was:
Julia Lockwood
Jo Halliday
Julia Lockwood was:
Tim Seely
Robert Hughes
Tim Seely was:
Dilys Laye
Millicent Jones
Dilys Laye was:
Lionel Jeffries
Ian Howard
Lionel Jeffries was:
June Jago
Gladys Worth
June Jago was:
Colin Gordon
Colin Gordon was:
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
Victor Maddern
Victor Maddern was:
Ronald Adam
Mr. Appleton
Ronald Adam was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Mr. Jones
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Charles Hawtrey
Charles Hawtrey was:
Myrtle Reed
Mrs. Moore
Myrtle Reed was:
Marianne Stone
Mrs. Waring
Marianne Stone was:
Leigh Madison
Leigh Madison was:
Anthony Sagar
Anthony Sagar was:
George Street
Removal Man
George Street was:
Ursula Hirst
2nd Gossip in Bookshop Queue
Ursula Hirst was:
Lucy Griffiths
1st Gossip in Bookshop Queue
Lucy Griffiths was:
Beryl Hardy
3rd Gossip in Bookshop Queue
Beryl Hardy was:
Noel Dyson
Mrs. Brent
Noel Dyson was:
Paul Cole
Newspaper Boy
Paul Cole was:
Celia Hewitt
Young Woman
Celia Hewitt was:
George Howell
Butcher's Boy
George Howell was:
Patrick Durkin
Affable Salesman (uncredited)
Patrick Durkin was:
Muriel Greenslade
Lady in Cafe (uncredited)
Muriel Greenslade was:
Anthony Lang
Man at Railway Station (uncredited)
Anthony Lang was:
Lee Patterson
Rod, the Wrestler (uncredited)
Lee Patterson was:
Martin Stephens
Boy (uncredited)
Martin Stephens was:
Reg Thomason
Office Worker (uncredited)
Reg Thomason was:
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