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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Operation Bullshine

Operation Bullshine

Release Date: 1959-06-30 (62 years ago)
Donald Sinden
Lt. Gordon Brown
Donald Sinden was:
Barbara Murray
Pvt. Betty Brown
Barbara Murray was:
Carole Lesley
Pvt. Marge White
Carole Lesley was:
Ronald Shiner
Gunner Slocum
Ronald Shiner was:
Naunton Wayne
Major Pym
Naunton Wayne was:
Dora Bryan
Pvt. Cox
Dora Bryan was:
John Cairney
Gunner Willie Ross
John Cairney was:
Marianne Stone
Sgt. Cook
Marianne Stone was:
Joan Rice
Pvt. Finch
Joan Rice was:
Fabia Drake
Junior Commander Maddox ATS
Fabia Drake was:
Daniel Massey
Bombardier Peter Palmer
Daniel Massey was:
Peter Jones
Gunner Perkins
Peter Jones was:
Barbara Hicks
Sgt. Merrifield
Barbara Hicks was:
John Welsh
John Welsh was:
Judy Grinham
PT Instructress
Judy Grinham was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Orderly Sgt.
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Ambrosine Phillpotts
Ambrosine Phillpotts was:
Naomi Chance
Subaltern Godfrey ATS
Naomi Chance was:
Harry Landis
Gunner Wilkinson
Harry Landis was:
Brian Weske
Gunner Pooley
Brian Weske was:
George Mikell
German Airman
George Mikell was:
Dorinda Stevens
ATS Girl
Dorinda Stevens was:
Amanda Barrie
ATS Girl
Amanda Barrie was:
Marigold Russell
ATS Girl
Marigold Russell was:
Julie Hopkins
ATS Girl
Julie Hopkins was:
Beverly Prowse
ATS Girl
Beverly Prowse was:
Margaret Simons
ATS Girl
Margaret Simons was:
Pamela Searle
ATS Girl
Pamela Searle was:
Julie Alexander
ATS Girl
Julie Alexander was:
Pat Gibson
ATS Girl
Pat Gibson was:
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