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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

No Time for Tears

No Time for Tears

Release Date: 1957-10-04 (63 years ago)
Anna Neagle
Matron Eleanor Hammond
Anna Neagle was:
George Baker
Dr. Nigel Barnes
George Baker was:
Sylvia Syms
Nurse Margaret Collier
Sylvia Syms was:
Anthony Quayle
Dr. Graham Seagrave
Anthony Quayle was:
Flora Robson
Sister Birch
Flora Robson was:
Daphne Anderson
Dr. Marian Cornish
Daphne Anderson was:
Sophie Stewart
Sister Willis
Sophie Stewart was:
Patricia Marmont
Sister Davies
Patricia Marmont was:
Rosalie Crutchley
Theater Sister
Rosalie Crutchley was:
Angela Baddeley
Mrs. Harris
Angela Baddeley was:
Joan Sims
Sister O'Malley
Joan Sims was:
Victor Brooks
Mr. Harris
Victor Brooks was:
Jessica Cairns
Jessica Cairns was:
Adrienne Posta
Cathy Harris
Adrienne Posta was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Hall Porter
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Carla Challoner
Carla Challoner was:
Joan Hickson
Sister Duckworth
Joan Hickson was:
Michael Hordern
Michael Hordern was:
Christopher Witty
George Harris
Christopher Witty was:
Richard O'Sullivan
Richard O'Sullivan was:
Christopher Frost
Christopher Frost was:
Viola Keats
Mrs. McKenna
Viola Keats was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Alan White
Dr. Hugh Storey
Alan White was:
Lesley Scoble
Lesley Scoble was:
Lucille Mapp
Lucille Mapp was:
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