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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

No Kidding

No Kidding

Release Date: 1960-11-01 (60 years ago)
Leslie Phillips
David Robinson
Leslie Phillips was:
Geraldine McEwan
Catherine Robinson
Geraldine McEwan was:
Julia Lockwood
Fenella / Vanilla
Julia Lockwood was:
Irene Handl
Mrs. Spicer
Irene Handl was:
Esma Cannon
District Nurse
Esma Cannon was:
Noel Purcell
Noel Purcell was:
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
June Jago
June Jago was:
Cyril Raymond
Col. Matthews
Cyril Raymond was:
Alan Gifford
Edgar Treadgold
Alan Gifford was:
Sydney Tafler
Mr. Rockbottom
Sydney Tafler was:
Brian Oulton
Brian Oulton was:
Eric Pohlmann
Eric Pohlmann was:
Patricia Jessel
Patricia Jessel was:
Brian Rawlinson
Brian Rawlinson was:
Michael Sarne
Michael Sarne was:
Joy Shelton
Mrs. Rockbottom
Joy Shelton was:
Earl Cameron
Black Father
Earl Cameron was:
Pearl Prescod
Black Mother
Pearl Prescod was:
Peter Howell
Father of Angus
Peter Howell was:
Marion Mathie
Helen Treadgold
Marion Mathie was:
Peggy Simpson
Mother of Angus
Peggy Simpson was:
Noel Hood
Vicar's Wife
Noel Hood was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cafe Proprietor
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Christopher Witty
Richard Robinson
Christopher Witty was:
Martin Stephens
Martin Stephens was:
Francesca Annis
Francesca Annis was:
Haydn Evans
Haydn Evans was:
Michael Gowdy
Dandy Big Treadgold
Michael Gowdy was:
Janet Bradbury
Dandy Little Treadgold
Janet Bradbury was:
Keith Lacey
Keith Lacey was:
Mark Milleham
Mark Milleham was:
Millicent Kerr
Millicent Kerr was:
Louise Redman
Louise Redman was:
Chris Adcock
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Chris Adcock was:
Pat Ryan
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Pat Ryan was:
Del Watson
Man in Cafe
Del Watson was:
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