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Release Date: 1956-01-31 (65 years ago)
David Farrar
Det. Insp. Craig
David Farrar was:
David Knight
Lee Cochrane
David Knight was:
Julia Arnall
Sue Cochrane
Julia Arnall was:
Anthony Oliver
Sgt. Lyel
Anthony Oliver was:
Thora Hird
Kelly's landlady
Thora Hird was:
Eleanor Summerfield
Sgt. Cook
Eleanor Summerfield was:
Anne Paige
Anne Paige was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs. Jeffries
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Anna Turner
Mrs. Robey
Anna Turner was:
Everley Gregg
Viscountess Cardale
Everley Gregg was:
Meredith Edwards
Sgt. Davies
Meredith Edwards was:
Irene Prador
Irene Prador was:
Anita Sharp-Bolster
Miss Gill
Anita Sharp-Bolster was:
Beverley Brooks
Beverley Brooks was:
Brenda Hogan
Sue's secretary
Brenda Hogan was:
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
Joan Sims
Soft drink and ice cream vendor
Joan Sims was:
Mona Washbourne
Mona Washbourne was:
Barbara Windsor
Girl at Chemist's Shop
Barbara Windsor was:
Shirley Anne Field
Girl Working at Taxi Garage
Shirley Anne Field was:
Eileen Peele
Henrietta Gay
Eileen Peele was:
Barbara Archer
Barbara Archer was:
Freda Bamford
Zoe's Mother
Freda Bamford was:
Robert Brown
Farmer with Shotgun
Robert Brown was:
Fanny Carby
Nanny in the Park
Fanny Carby was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Uniformed Police Officer
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Peggy Ann Clifford
Peggy Ann Clifford was:
Guy Deghy
Guy Deghy was:
Grace Denbigh Russell
Mrs. Robey's Neighbour
Grace Denbigh Russell was:
Dorothy Gordon
Ice Cream Girl's Friend
Dorothy Gordon was:
Fred Griffiths
Fred Griffiths was:
Percy Herbert
Police Constable in Phone Box
Percy Herbert was:
Glyn Houston
Bus Driver
Glyn Houston was:
Jack Lambert
Police Station Sergeant
Jack Lambert was:
Arthur Lovegrove
Railway Workman
Arthur Lovegrove was:
William Lucas
Press Photographer
William Lucas was:
Jack McNaughton
Hotel Porter
Jack McNaughton was:
Charlotte Mitchell
Farmer's Wife
Charlotte Mitchell was:
Hugh Morton
Doctor Fairfax
Hugh Morton was:
Dandy Nichols
Mrs. Gamble
Dandy Nichols was:
John Pike
John Pike was:
Ewen Solon
Bus Inspector
Ewen Solon was:
Marianne Stone
Mrs. Marley
Marianne Stone was:
Alma Taylor
Mrs. Bellamy
Alma Taylor was:
Michael Ward
Michael Ward was:
Ronald Ward
Military Man
Ronald Ward was:
John Welsh
Police Scientist
John Welsh was:
Leonard White
Sergeant Thorne
Leonard White was:
George Woodbridge
Taxi Driver
George Woodbridge was:
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