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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

It's Not Cricket

It's Not Cricket

Release Date: 1949-04-01 (72 years ago)
Basil Radford
Maj. Bright
Basil Radford was:
Naunton Wayne
Capt. Early
Naunton Wayne was:
Susan Shaw
Primrose Brown
Susan Shaw was:
Maurice Denham
Otto Fisch
Maurice Denham was:
Nigel Buchanan
Gerald Lawson
Nigel Buchanan was:
Alan Wheatley
Alan Wheatley was:
Jane Carr
Virginia Briscoe
Jane Carr was:
Patrick Waddington
Valentine Christmas
Patrick Waddington was:
Edward Lexy
Brig. Falcon
Edward Lexy was:
Leslie Dwyer
Leslie Dwyer was:
Frederick Piper
Frederick Piper was:
Diana Dors
Diana Dors was:
Mary Hinton
Lady Lawson
Mary Hinton was:
Margaret Withers
Mrs. Falcon
Margaret Withers was:
Brian Oulton
Simon Herbage
Brian Oulton was:
John Boxer
MP #1
John Boxer was:
Cyril Chamberlain
MP #2
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Charles Cullum
Sir Leslie Lawson
Charles Cullum was:
Hal Osmond
Stage manager
Hal Osmond was:
Sheila Huntington
Shoe shop assistant
Sheila Huntington was:
John Warren
John Warren was:
Arthur Hambling
Arthur Hambling was:
Hamilton Keene
Intelligence Sergeant
Hamilton Keene was:
Meinhart Maur
Meinhart Maur was:
Viola Lyel
Hearty Female
Viola Lyel was:
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