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Here Come the Huggetts

Here Come the Huggetts

Release Date: 1948-12-02 (72 years ago)
Jack Warner
Joe Huggett
Jack Warner was:
Kathleen Harrison
Ethel Huggett
Kathleen Harrison was:
Jane Hylton
Jane Huggett
Jane Hylton was:
Susan Shaw
Susan Huggett
Susan Shaw was:
Petula Clark
Pet Huggett
Petula Clark was:
Jimmy Hanley
Jimmy Gardner
Jimmy Hanley was:
David Tomlinson
Harold Hinchley
David Tomlinson was:
Diana Dors
Diana Hopkins
Diana Dors was:
Peter Hammond
Peter Hawtrey
Peter Hammond was:
John Blythe
Tony Gowan
John Blythe was:
Amy Veness
Grandma Huggett
Amy Veness was:
Clive Morton
Mr. G.H. Campbell
Clive Morton was:
Maurice Denham
1st Engineer
Maurice Denham was:
Doris Hare
Mrs. Fisher
Doris Hare was:
Esma Cannon
Youth Leader
Esma Cannon was:
Alison Leggatt
Miss Perks
Alison Leggatt was:
Dandy Nichols
Aunt Edie Hopkins
Dandy Nichols was:
Hal Osmond
2nd Engineer
Hal Osmond was:
Peter Scott
Office Boy
Peter Scott was:
Keith Shepherd
Keith Shepherd was:
Edmundo Ros
Edmundo Ros was:
Dennis Harkin
Waiter (uncredited)
Dennis Harkin was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Policeman at Crash Site (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain was:
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