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Release Date: 1956-08-14 (64 years ago)
Donald Sinden
Donald Sinden was:
Muriel Pavlow
Muriel Pavlow was:
Belinda Lee
Belinda Lee was:
Michael Craig
Michael Craig was:
Ada Reeve
Mrs. Hudson
Ada Reeve was:
Nigel Stock
Nigel Stock was:
Susan Beaumont
Probationary Nurse
Susan Beaumont was:
David Knight
David Knight was:
Avice Landone
Night Sister
Avice Landone was:
Richard Wattis
Richard Wattis was:
George Woodbridge
Hospital Security Man
George Woodbridge was:
Gillian Harrison
Gillian Harrison was:
Nicholas Parsons
House Surgeon
Nicholas Parsons was:
Leslie Dwyer
Henry Cammon
Leslie Dwyer was:
Anna Turner
Mrs. Hays
Anna Turner was:
Anthony Oliver
Anthony Oliver was:
John Stuart
Chief Constable
John Stuart was:
Harry Towb
Harry Towb was:
Charles Victor
Police Desk Sergeant
Charles Victor was:
Lionel Jeffries
Man in Pub
Lionel Jeffries was:
Martin Boddey
Police Sgt.
Martin Boddey was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Cinema Patron
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Allan Cuthbertson
Det. Inspector
Allan Cuthbertson was:
Thomas Heathcote
Tom - Barman
Thomas Heathcote was:
Howard Lang
Cinema Commissionaire
Howard Lang was:
Hal Osmond
Hospital Doorman
Hal Osmond was:
Marianne Stone
Cinema Usherette
Marianne Stone was:
Robert Brooks Turner
Man Standing Outside Cinema with Woman
Robert Brooks Turner was:
John Warren
Joe - British Legion Barman
John Warren was:
Martin Wyldeck
Police Driver
Martin Wyldeck was:
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