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Carry On Sergeant

Carry On Sergeant

Release Date: 1958-08-15 (62 years ago)
William Hartnell
Sergeant Grimshawe
William Hartnell was:
Bob Monkhouse
Charlie Sage
Bob Monkhouse was:
Shirley Eaton
Mary Sage
Shirley Eaton was:
Eric Barker
Captain Potts
Eric Barker was:
Dora Bryan
Dora Bryan was:
Bill Owen
Corporal Bill Copping
Bill Owen was:
Charles Hawtrey
Peter Golightly
Charles Hawtrey was:
Kenneth Connor
Horace Strong
Kenneth Connor was:
Kenneth Williams
James Bailey
Kenneth Williams was:
Terence Longdon
Miles Heywood
Terence Longdon was:
Norman Rossington
Herbert Brown
Norman Rossington was:
Gerald Campion
Andy Calloway
Gerald Campion was:
Hattie Jacques
Captain Clark
Hattie Jacques was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Gun Sergeant
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Arnold Diamond
Fifth Specialist
Arnold Diamond was:
Gordon Tanner
First Specialist
Gordon Tanner was:
Terry Scott
Sgt Paddy O'Brien
Terry Scott was:
Edward Judd
Fifth Storesman
Edward Judd was:
Bernard Kay
Injured Recruit
Bernard Kay was:
Jack Smethurst
First Recruit
Jack Smethurst was:
Ed Devereaux
Sgt. Russell
Ed Devereaux was:
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