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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

Release Date: 1958-07-03 (63 years ago)
Kenneth More
Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller
Kenneth More was:
Ronald Allen
Mr. Clarke
Ronald Allen was:
Robert Ayres
Maj. Arthur Peuchen
Robert Ayres was:
Honor Blackman
Mrs. Liz Lucas
Honor Blackman was:
Anthony Bushell
Capt. Arthur Rostron
Anthony Bushell was:
John Cairney
Mr. Murphy
John Cairney was:
Jill Dixon
Mrs. Clarke
Jill Dixon was:
Jane Downs
Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller
Jane Downs was:
James Dyrenforth
Col. Archibald Gracie
James Dyrenforth was:
Michael Goodliffe
Thomas Andrews
Michael Goodliffe was:
Kenneth Griffith
Wireless Operator John 'Jack' Phillips
Kenneth Griffith was:
Harriette Johns
Lady Richard
Harriette Johns was:
Frank Lawton
Chairman J. Bruce Ismay
Frank Lawton was:
Richard Leech
First Officer William Murdoch
Richard Leech was:
David McCallum
Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride
David McCallum was:
Alec McCowen
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam
Alec McCowen was:
Tucker McGuire
Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown
Tucker McGuire was:
John Merivale
Robbie Lucas
John Merivale was:
Ralph Michael
Mr. Yates
Ralph Michael was:
Laurence Naismith
Capt. Edward John Smith
Laurence Naismith was:
Russell Napier
Capt. Stanley Lord
Russell Napier was:
Redmond Phillips
Mr. Hoyle
Redmond Phillips was:
George Rose
Chief Baker Charles Joughin
George Rose was:
Joseph Tomelty
Dr. William O'Loughlin
Joseph Tomelty was:
Patrick Waddington
Sir Richard
Patrick Waddington was:
Jack Watling
Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall
Jack Watling was:
Geoffrey Bayldon
Wireless Operator Cyril Evans
Geoffrey Bayldon was:
Michael Bryant
Sixth Officer James Moody
Michael Bryant was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Quartermaster George Thomas Rowe
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke was:
Bee Duffell
Mrs. Farrell
Bee Duffell was:
Harold Goldblatt
Benjamin Guggenheim
Harold Goldblatt was:
Gerald Harper
3rd Officer - Carpathia
Gerald Harper was:
Richard Hayward
Victualling Officer
Richard Hayward was:
Thomas Heathcote
Thomas Heathcote was:
Danuta Karell
Polish Mother
Danuta Karell was:
Andrew Keir
2nd Engineer Officer John Henry Hesketh
Andrew Keir was:
Christina Lubicz
Polish Girl
Christina Lubicz was:
Barry MacGregor
Apprentice James Gibson
Barry MacGregor was:
Edward Malin
Dining Saloon Steward
Edward Malin was:
Patrick McAlinney
Mr. James Farrell
Patrick McAlinney was:
Helen Misener
Mrs. Ida Straus
Helen Misener was:
Mary Monahan
Mary Monahan was:
Howard Pays
Fifth Officer Harold Lowe
Howard Pays was:
Philip Ray
Reverend Anderson
Philip Ray was:
Harold Siddons
Second Officer Herbert Stone
Harold Siddons was:
Julian Somers
Mr. Bull - Man on Train
Julian Somers was:
Tim Turner
Third Officer Charles Groves
Tim Turner was:
Meier Tzelniker
Mr. Isador Straus
Meier Tzelniker was:
Alexis Chesnakov
Passenger (uncredited)
Alexis Chesnakov was:
Desmond Llewelyn
Seaman at Steerage Gate (uncredited)
Desmond Llewelyn was:
Marianne Stone
Stewardess (uncredited)
Marianne Stone was:
Stuart Wagstaff
Titanic Steward (Uncredited)
Stuart Wagstaff was:
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