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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

Release Date: 1953-11-10 (67 years ago)
Stanley Holloway
Charley Porter
Stanley Holloway was:
Donald Sinden
Jim Carver
Donald Sinden was:
Joan Rice
Vera Mitchell
Joan Rice was:
Odile Versois
Martine Berthier
Odile Versois was:
James Hayter
Fred Collins
James Hayter was:
Harry Fowler
Stan Harvey
Harry Fowler was:
Edward Chapman
Mr. Robinson
Edward Chapman was:
Bill Owen
Shorty Sharpe
Bill Owen was:
Meredith Edwards
Bert Tripp
Meredith Edwards was:
George Coulouris
Foreign Legion Captain
George Coulouris was:
Thora Hird
Mrs. Trott
Thora Hird was:
Theodore Bikel
Henri Dubot
Theodore Bikel was:
Brenda De Banzie
Mrs. Collins
Brenda De Banzie was:
Lily Kann
Martine's Grandmother
Lily Kann was:
Peter Jones
Percy Goodall
Peter Jones was:
Vernon Gray
Vernon Gray was:
Arthur Hill
Arthur Hill was:
Patricia Raine
Patricia Raine was:
Georgette Anys
Jeanne Sautet (uncredited)
Georgette Anys was:
Jacques Cey
Maurice (uncredited)
Jacques Cey was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Boarding Card Official on Ferry
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Peggy Ann Clifford
Large Lady in Station Crowd (uncredited)
Peggy Ann Clifford was:
Germaine Delbat
Madame Berthier (uncredited)
Germaine Delbat was:
Shirley Eaton
Young Woman on Ferry (uncredited)
Shirley Eaton was:
Judith Furse
Lady in Charge of Party (uncredited)
Judith Furse was:
John Glyn-Jones
John Glyn-Jones was:
Fred Griffiths
Barman on Ferry
Fred Griffiths was:
Deryck Guyler
Angry Man in Ferry Queue (uncredited)
Deryck Guyler was:
Victor Harrington
Gent on Hampton Court Trip (uncredited)
Victor Harrington was:
Harold Lang
Stan's Accomplice (uncredited)
Harold Lang was:
Robert le Béal
Monsieur Berthier (uncredited)
Robert le Béal was:
Lisa Lee
Waitress (uncredited)
Lisa Lee was:
Andreas Malandrinos
French Café Owner (uncredited)
Andreas Malandrinos was:
Richard Molinas
Jacques (uncredited)
Richard Molinas was:
Hal Osmond
Large Lady's Husband
Hal Osmond was:
Marcel Poncin
Baptiste Sautet
Marcel Poncin was:
Keith Pyott
Frenchman with Watches (uncredited)
Keith Pyott was:
Marianne Stone
Doreen, Shorty's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Marianne Stone was:
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