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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Right Here Waiting...

Right Here Waiting...

Release Date: Thursday, September 15 1994 (28 years ago)
Portrait of Cecilia YipCecilia Yip
Josephine Ha
Cecilia Yip was:
Portrait of Carrie NgCarrie Ng
Chan Cong Mui
Carrie Ng was:
Portrait of Pauline Wong Siu-FungPauline Wong Siu-Fung
Lily Ma
Pauline Wong Siu-Fung was:
Portrait of Fung Bo-boFung Bo-bo
Mimi Tin
Fung Bo-bo was:
Portrait of Wu Hsing-kuoWu Hsing-kuo
Dickson Koo
Wu Hsing-kuo was:
Portrait of Julian CheungJulian Cheung
Albert (as Chi-Lam Cheung)
Julian Cheung was:
Portrait of Crystal KwokCrystal Kwok
Joyce Ma (as Gam-Yan Kwok)
Crystal Kwok was:
Portrait of Elaine WuElaine Wu
Elaine Koo (as Yee-Lei Ng)
Elaine Wu was:
Portrait of Wakin ChauWakin Chau
Alex Chow Chi Fai
Wakin Chau was:
Portrait of Jimmy Wong Ga-LokJimmy Wong Ga-Lok
Jimmy Wong Ga-Lok was:
Portrait of Alvina Kong Yai-YinAlvina Kong Yai-Yin
Josephine's sister
Alvina Kong Yai-Yin was:
Portrait of Law Kar-YingLaw Kar-Ying
Dr. Lai / Romanro
Law Kar-Ying was:
Portrait of Bonnie FuBonnie Fu
Ms. Tong
Bonnie Fu was:
Portrait of Rocelia FungRocelia Fung
Restaurant singer
Rocelia Fung was:
Portrait of Elaine Ng Yee-LeeElaine Ng Yee-Lee
Elaine Koo
Elaine Ng Yee-Lee was:
Portrait of Catherine Hung YanCatherine Hung Yan
Catherine Hung Yan was:
Portrait of Grace Wong WaiGrace Wong Wai
Alex's wife
Grace Wong Wai was:
Portrait of Siu Juen DangSiu Juen Dang
Siu Jun
Siu Juen Dang was:
Portrait of Yiu WaiYiu Wai
Dickson's eldest sister
Yiu Wai was:
Portrait of Lee Ka-LaiLee Ka-Lai
Dickson's 2nd sister
Lee Ka-Lai was:
Portrait of Chan Man-HiuChan Man-Hiu
Dickson's grandma
Chan Man-Hiu was:
Portrait of Woo Pin-YueWoo Pin-Yue
Dickson's little mother
Woo Pin-Yue was:
Portrait of Nelson CheungNelson Cheung
Nelson Tin
Nelson Cheung was:
Portrait of William Leung Chi-MingWilliam Leung Chi-Ming
Hau Hau Yin
William Leung Chi-Ming was:
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