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Poster of Social Register

Social Register

Release Date: Saturday, March 10 1934 (88 years ago)
Portrait of Colleen MooreColleen Moore
Patsy Shaw
Colleen Moore was:
Portrait of Alexander KirklandAlexander Kirkland
Charlie Breene
Alexander Kirkland was:
Portrait of Pauline FrederickPauline Frederick
Mrs. Breene
Pauline Frederick was:
Portrait of Robert BenchleyRobert Benchley
Robert Benchley
Robert Benchley was:
Portrait of Charles WinningerCharles Winninger
Charles Winninger was:
Portrait of Ross AlexanderRoss Alexander
Lester Trout
Ross Alexander was:
Portrait of Margaret LivingstonMargaret Livingston
Margaret Livingston was:
Portrait of Olive OlsonOlive Olson
Olive Olson was:
Portrait of John MilternJohn Miltern
Mr. Breene
John Miltern was:
Portrait of Hilda HoweHilda Howe
Party Guest
Hilda Howe was:
Portrait of Roberta RobinsonRoberta Robinson
Roberta Robinson was:
Portrait of Hans HansenHans Hansen
Hans Hansen was:
Portrait of Edward GarveyEdward Garvey
Albert Wiggins
Edward Garvey was:
Portrait of Jacques FrayJacques Fray
Piano-Duo Specialty
Jacques Fray was:
Portrait of Mario BraggiottiMario Braggiotti
Piano-Duo Specialty
Mario Braggiotti was:
Portrait of Georgette HarveyGeorgette Harvey
Georgette Harvey was:
Portrait of Robert AllenRobert Allen
Socialite (uncredited)
Robert Allen was:
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