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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Naked Civil Servant

The Naked Civil Servant

Release Date: 1975-12-17 (44 years ago)
John Hurt
Quentin Crisp
John Hurt was:
Quentin Crisp
Quentin Crisp was:
John Rhys-Davies
John Rhys-Davies was:
Colin Higgins
Colin Higgins was:
Liz Gebhardt
Art Student
Liz Gebhardt was:
Patricia Hodge
Ballet Teacher
Patricia Hodge was:
Stanley Lebor
Mr. Pole
Stanley Lebor was:
Katherine Schofield
Mrs. Pole
Katherine Schofield was:
Antonia Pemberton
Mrs Longhurst
Antonia Pemberton was:
Stephen Johnstone
Young Quentin
Stephen Johnstone was:
Lloyd Lamble
Mr. Crisp
Lloyd Lamble was:
Shane Briant
Shane Briant was:
Roger Lloyd Pack
Roger Lloyd Pack was:
Phil Daniels
1st Boy
Phil Daniels was:
Richard Butler
Senior Doctor
Richard Butler was:
Joan Ryan
Mrs Crisp
Joan Ryan was:
Frank Forsyth
Family Doctor
Frank Forsyth was:
Ron Pember
Black Cat Proprietor
Ron Pember was:
Derek West
Derek West was:
David Fielder
David Fielder was:
Dennis Chinnery
Business Man
Dennis Chinnery was:
John Flanagan
1st Policeman
John Flanagan was:
David Goodland
2nd Policeman
David Goodland was:
Dennis Blanch
1st Rough
Dennis Blanch was:
Billy Colvill
2nd Rough
Billy Colvill was:
Anthony Heaton
Quentin's Rough
Anthony Heaton was:
Richie Stewart
Bus Conductor
Richie Stewart was:
Jiggy Bhore
Jiggy Bhore was:
Graham Armitage
Mr Dunsmore
Graham Armitage was:
James Marcus
Clerkenwell Tough
James Marcus was:
John Malcolm
Taxi Driver
John Malcolm was:
Michael Bangerter
Club Manager
Michael Bangerter was:
Julian Fox
1st Dancer
Julian Fox was:
Barry McGinn
2nd Dancer
Barry McGinn was:
Jan Chappell
Neurotic Girl
Jan Chappell was:
John Forbes-Robertson
Civil Servant
John Forbes-Robertson was:
Frederick Treves
Frederick Treves was:
Adrian Shergold
Adrian Shergold was:
Anthony Howard
Lord Alcohol
Anthony Howard was:
Annette Badland
Tap Dancing Pupil
Annette Badland was:
Anna Wing
Old Lady
Anna Wing was:
Dominic Allan
Army Sergeant
Dominic Allan was:
John Crocker
Army Doctor
John Crocker was:
John Cater
John Cater was:
Harvey Ashby
Harvey Ashby was:
Don Fellows
1st GI
Don Fellows was:
Bob Sherman
2nd GI
Bob Sherman was:
Susan Wooldridge
Susan Wooldridge was:
Christopher Coll
Art Master
Christopher Coll was:
Peter Sproule
1st Plain Clothes Man
Peter Sproule was:
Robert Gary
2nd Plain Clothes Man
Robert Gary was:
Charles Pemberton
Court PC
Charles Pemberton was:
David Trevena
David Trevena was:
Martin Boddey
Martin Boddey was:
Ernest C. Jennings
Court Attendant
Ernest C. Jennings was:
Raymond Boal
2nd Boy
Raymond Boal was:
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