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Plot: Dr. KIM Sang-chul who is a world renowned genius medical scientist is killed by himself and his head is cut and missing in his funeral
Release Date: Thursday, May 26 2011
12 years ago
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Portrait of Park Ye-jinPark Ye-jin
Park Ye-jin was
30 in Head
as 'Hong-joo'.
Wed, Apr 01 1981
Portrait of Baek Yoon-sikBaek Yoon-sik
Baek Yoon-sik was
64 in Head
as 'Baek-jung'.
Sun, Mar 16 1947
Portrait of Ryu Deok-hwanRyu Deok-hwan
Ryu Deok-hwan was
23 in Head
as 'Hong-je'.
Fri, Jun 12 1987
Portrait of Oh Dal-suOh Dal-su
Oh Dal-su was
42 in Head
as 'Professor Kim Sang-chul / Professor Oh Byung-seok'.
Sat, Jun 15 1968
Portrait of Danny AhnDanny Ahn
Danny Ahn was
32 in Head
as 'Kang Seung-wan'.
Fri, Dec 22 1978
Portrait of Park Young-seoPark Young-seo
Park Young-seo was
30 in Head
as 'Yong-yi'.
Thu, Jan 01 1981
Portrait of Woo HyeonWoo Hyeon
Woo Hyeon was
47 in Head
as 'Mr. Park'.
Wed, Jan 01 1964
Portrait of Choi Jae-supChoi Jae-sup
Choi Jae-sup was
37 in Head
as 'Teaching Assistant Lim Hee-cheol'.
Sun, Sep 30 1973
Portrait of Kwak Do-wonKwak Do-won
Kwak Do-won was
37 in Head
as 'Senior Jeong'.
Fri, May 17 1974
Portrait of Baek Jae-hoBaek Jae-ho
Baek Jae-ho was
28 in Head
as 'Detetctive Kim'.
Tue, Nov 09 1982
Portrait of Jang Joon-nyeong-IJang Joon-nyeong-I
Jang Joon-nyeong-I was
>> in Head
as 'Detective Park'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jang So-yeonJang So-yeon
Jang So-yeon was
31 in Head
as 'Baek-jung's wife'.
Fri, Nov 30 1979
Portrait of Ju Jin-moJu Jin-mo
Ju Jin-mo was
53 in Head
as ''.
Wed, Feb 26 1958


Portrait of Cho UnCho Un
Cho Un was
>> in Head
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Kim Gi-taeKim Gi-tae
Director of Photography
Kim Gi-tae was
37 in Head
Sun, Oct 28 1973
Portrait of Ricky Jeon Je-HyeokRicky Jeon Je-Hyeok
Ricky Jeon Je-Hyeok was
39 in Head
Sat, Jan 01 1972
Portrait of Kim Hee-jinKim Hee-jin
Art Direction
Kim Hee-jin was
>> in Head
Unknown Birthday