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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Dr. Hikojiro

Dr. Hikojiro

Release Date: 2015-10-03 (5 years ago)
Susumu Terajima
Hikojiro Oyabu
Susumu Terajima was:
Keiko Toda
Kyoko Uchikura
Keiko Toda was:
Takashi Ukaji
Takamaro Goshirakawa
Takashi Ukaji was:
Yasukaze Motomiya
Yukio Takano
Yasukaze Motomiya was:
Toshihide Tonesaku
Tadahiko Mori
Toshihide Tonesaku was:
Chika Arakawa
Nanami Mori
Chika Arakawa was:
Azusa Watanabe
Miyoko Mori
Azusa Watanabe was:
Koichiro Segawa
Dankan was:
Masanobu Sakata
Isao Kosaka
Masanobu Sakata was:
Yuri Tamura
Takako Chiba
Yuri Tamura was:
Masataka Naruse
Masataka Naruse was:
Shinobu Nakayama
Ruriko Segawa
Shinobu Nakayama was:
Machiko Washio
Shizuko Goshirakawa
Machiko Washio was:
Beat Kiyoshi
Beat Kiyoshi was:
Tomoka Kurotani
Shino Ogawa
Tomoka Kurotani was:
Nenji Kobayashi
Kyosuke Tanigawa
Nenji Kobayashi was:
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