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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Release Date: 1915-10-05 (106 years ago)
Minnie Maddern Fiske
Becky Sharp
Minnie Maddern Fiske was:
Shirley Mason
Becky Sharp - as a child
Shirley Mason was:
Yale Benner
Rakedell Sharp
Yale Benner was:
Helen Fulton
Amelia Sedley
Helen Fulton was:
William Wadsworth
Joseph Sedley
William Wadsworth was:
Richard Tucker
George Osborne
Richard Tucker was:
Robert Brower
Mr. Osborne
Robert Brower was:
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Captain William Dobbin
Frank McGlynn Sr. was:
Bigelow Cooper
Rawdon Crawley
Bigelow Cooper was:
George A. Wright
Lord Steyne
George A. Wright was:
Maurice Steuart
George Sedley Osborne
Maurice Steuart was:
Helen Strickland
Lady Steyne
Helen Strickland was:
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn was:
John Sturgeon
Major O'Dowd
John Sturgeon was:
Arthur Row
Pitt Crawley
Arthur Row was:
Mrs. Westerley
Miss Pinkerton
Mrs. Westerley was:
Mrs. Austin Brown
Mrs. Sedley
Mrs. Austin Brown was:
Alice Grey
Miss Jemima Pinkerton
Alice Grey was:
Charles Sutton
Mr. Sedley
Charles Sutton was:
Florence Stover
Lady Crawley
Florence Stover was:
Mrs. G.M. Clarke
Martha Crawley
Mrs. G.M. Clarke was:
Lena Davril
Miss Swartz
Lena Davril was:
George D. Melville
Duke of Wellington
George D. Melville was:
Jessie Stevens
Mrs. O'Dowd
Jessie Stevens was:
William Wirth
Rawdon Crawley, Jr.
William Wirth was:
Frank A. Lyons
Lord Crawley
Frank A. Lyons was:
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