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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Little Minister

The Little Minister

Release Date: Friday, December 28 1934 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn
Barbara 'Babbie'
Katharine Hepburn was:
Portrait of John BealJohn Beal
Révérend Gavin Dishart
John Beal was:
Portrait of Alan HaleAlan Hale
Rob Daw
Alan Hale was:
Portrait of Donald CrispDonald Crisp
Docteur McQueen
Donald Crisp was:
Portrait of Lumsden HareLumsden Hare
Tammas Whammond
Lumsden Hare was:
Portrait of Andy ClydeAndy Clyde
Wearyworld The Policeman
Andy Clyde was:
Portrait of Beryl MercerBeryl Mercer
Beryl Mercer was:
Portrait of Billy WatsonBilly Watson
Billy Watson was:
Portrait of Dorothy StickneyDorothy Stickney
Dorothy Stickney was:
Portrait of Mary GordonMary Gordon
Mary Gordon was:
Portrait of Frank ConroyFrank Conroy
Lord Rintoul
Frank Conroy was:
Portrait of Eily MalyonEily Malyon
Eily Malyon was:
Portrait of Reginald DennyReginald Denny
Captain Halliwell
Reginald Denny was:
Portrait of Leonard CareyLeonard Carey
Hendry Munn
Leonard Carey was:
Portrait of Herbert BunstonHerbert Bunston
Mr. Carfrae
Herbert Bunston was:
Portrait of Harry BeresfordHarry Beresford
John Spens
Harry Beresford was:
Portrait of Barlowe BorlandBarlowe Borland
Snecky Hobart
Barlowe Borland was:
Portrait of Marion Clayton AndersonMarion Clayton Anderson
Mrs. McClarity
Marion Clayton Anderson was:
Portrait of Jane BaxterJane Baxter
Maid Helping with Wedding Dress
Jane Baxter was:
Portrait of May BeattyMay Beatty
Rintoul's Maid Making Wedding Dress
May Beatty was:
Portrait of Ted BillingsTed Billings
Ted Billings was:
Portrait of Elsa BuchananElsa Buchanan
Elsa Buchanan was:
Portrait of E. E. CliveE. E. Clive
Sheriff Greer
E. E. Clive was:
Portrait of Charles ColemanCharles Coleman
Sergeant of the Guard
Charles Coleman was:
Portrait of Alec CraigAlec Craig
Villager Saying 'Reverend Is Single'
Alec Craig was:
Portrait of Herbert EvansHerbert Evans
Peter Tosh
Herbert Evans was:
Portrait of Byron FoulgerByron Foulger
Villager at Stabbing
Byron Foulger was:
Portrait of Brandon HurstBrandon Hurst
Anders Strothers
Brandon Hurst was:
Portrait of Olaf HyttenOlaf Hytten
Olaf Hytten was:
Portrait of Charles IrwinCharles Irwin
John McClarity
Charles Irwin was:
Portrait of William JeffreyWilliam Jeffrey
William Jeffrey was:
Portrait of Tiny JonesTiny Jones
Tiny Jones was:
Portrait of Dan MaxwellDan Maxwell
Bit Role
Dan Maxwell was:
Portrait of Robert McKenzieRobert McKenzie
Villager in Church
Robert McKenzie was:
Portrait of Charles McNaughtonCharles McNaughton
Villager Warning That Soldiers Are Coming
Charles McNaughton was:
Portrait of Leonard MudieLeonard Mudie
Leonard Mudie was:
Portrait of Anna Q. NilssonAnna Q. Nilsson
Anna Q. Nilsson was:
Portrait of Joseph NorthJoseph North
Rintoul's Butler
Joseph North was:
Portrait of Elsie PrescottElsie Prescott
Yelling Villager
Elsie Prescott was:
Portrait of Ivan F. SimpsonIvan F. Simpson
Sanders Webster
Ivan F. Simpson was:
Portrait of David ThursbyDavid Thursby
Villager in Church
David Thursby was:
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