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Poster of East of Java

East of Java

Release Date: Sunday, December 1 1935 (86 years ago)
Portrait of Charles BickfordCharles Bickford
Red McGovern / Harvey Bowers
Charles Bickford was:
Portrait of Elizabeth YoungElizabeth Young
Ann Martin
Elizabeth Young was:
Portrait of Frank AlbertsonFrank Albertson
Larry Page
Frank Albertson was:
Portrait of Leslie FentonLeslie Fenton
Captain Wong Bo
Leslie Fenton was:
Portrait of Sig RumanSig Ruman
Hans Muller
Sig Ruman was:
Portrait of Clarence MuseClarence Muse
First Mate Johnson
Clarence Muse was:
Portrait of Jay GilbuenaJay Gilbuena
Jay Gilbuena was:
Portrait of Frazer AcostaFrazer Acosta
Frazer Acosta was:
Portrait of Charles McNaughtonCharles McNaughton
Sloppy Alf
Charles McNaughton was:
Portrait of Edgar NortonEdgar Norton
Edgar Norton was:
Portrait of Jack CaseyJack Casey
Jack Casey was:
Portrait of Malay CluMalay Clu
Malay Clu was:
Portrait of Vernon DowningVernon Downing
Vernon Downing was:
Portrait of Chester GanChester Gan
Chester Gan was:
Portrait of John GeorgeJohn George
John George was:
Portrait of Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson
Bit Role
Katherine Jackson was:
Portrait of Pete G. KatchenaroPete G. Katchenaro
Pete G. Katchenaro was:
Portrait of Sam LabradorSam Labrador
Sam Labrador was:
Portrait of James B. LeongJames B. Leong
James B. Leong was:
Portrait of Albert LoganAlbert Logan
Bit Role
Albert Logan was:
Portrait of Ivor McFaddenIvor McFadden
Boer Trader
Ivor McFadden was:
Portrait of J.P. McGowanJ.P. McGowan
Sergeant, Rescue Party
J.P. McGowan was:
Portrait of Torben MeyerTorben Meyer
Torben Meyer was:
Portrait of Adolph MilarAdolph Milar
Boer Trader
Adolph Milar was:
Portrait of Joey RayJoey Ray
Joey Ray was:
Portrait of Bernard SiegelBernard Siegel
Bernard Siegel was:
Portrait of Ivan F. SimpsonIvan F. Simpson
Ivan F. Simpson was:
Portrait of Suran SinghSuran Singh
Suran Singh was:
Portrait of James P. SpencerJames P. Spencer
James P. Spencer was:
Portrait of Wyndham StandingWyndham Standing
Wyndham Standing was:
Portrait of Ray TurnerRay Turner
Messenger with a Letter
Ray Turner was:
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